Outrageously cool office stuff

If there is one thing we really appreciate at Serviced Office Company it’s cool office stuff. We provide a stylish but neutral canvas at our serviced offices and it is always interesting to see how people make their mark.

We found Askul, who make sleek designs that are simple and stylish. They produce everything from clocks to USB sticks and they promise: ‘To deliver every order, from a pencil to a desk, the very next day.’ Naturally, this has made them one of Japan’s fastest growing companies.clock

Not only are these objects practical necessities in the work place, but they are beautifully designed and add real personality to any work space.


They are extremely functional, high quality as well as affordable. The cups are brilliantly simplistic and the USB sticks are colorful and cool!


There loads of ways to spice up your working like but Askul is definitely in our top ten!

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