Top tips: Avoid the pig flu!

Swine Flu has taken 29 lives to date in the UK, and in high volume, face-to-face places like the office it can easily spread. Little known fact: The influenza bug can live for up to two hours on surfaces like desks, keyboards and doors.

The office is a hot house for multiplying bacteria so “moving forward…” here are our tips to keeping the virus to yourself:

  • Carry tissues
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you sneeze or cough
  • Wash up cutlery, plates and mugs properly as soon as you have finished with them
  • Clean your hands thoroughly and regularly

Carry Tissues and Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough

One sneeze can spread disease up to 100mph, so covering your mouth and nose is very important. Remember to throw all your tissues away once you have used them, and wash your hands.


Clean your hands thoroughly

Washing you hands properly is extremely important. When you are sharing a space with people, germs can spread quickly. Hands get everywhere so make sure they are clean!

Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth

Germs live in hot, moist places – places like your eyes, nose and mouth, so avoid touching them and spreading these germs. The bacteria, once they have set up camp on your hand, will contaminate desks, doors, keyboards and mugs. Remember: The office can be a very dangerous place. So keep it clean!

Top ten annoying corporate catchphrases

When you work in an office environment and you spend up to eight hours a day with the same people, things are bound to get on your nerves a little bit. But, there are a few phrases which have become universally irritating. Here are our top ten:

1) Moving/Going forward

What this really means is ‘let’s try and forget your massive complaint and keep going’.

2) Incentivise

This word is used when discussing the best tool to make someone do something they do not want to do.

3) Let’s touch base about that offline

No one really seems to know what is meant by this, but it usually refers to having a private meeting about something.

4) Referring to a problem as a challenge

This is a clever way of side-stepping the acknowledgment of a problem.

5) Pre-plan

What is wrong with planning? You cannot pre-plan. It is not possible.

6) My door is open on this issue

Never have we heard this used by someone who has their own office. What is wrong with plain old ‘I am happy to speak about this’.

7) At the end of the day

Never have we heard this phrase used in reference to the end of an actual day

8 ) Thinking outside the box

Since when was there a box?

9) Give it 110%

Again it doesn’t make sense. This one is used to let people know that 100% will never be good enough!

10) Out of the loop

Translated, this means I don’t have all the information. Out of what loop, I’m not sure?

Office of the month

This month’s office of the month goes to…. Red Bull. And we’ll tell you for why:

As well as slides and a beautiful roof terrace, employers of Red Bull get to cruise around a fantastically modern office space and play table tennis at lunch! To inspire the creativity needed to work for the brand, and to possibly burn off all that extra energy they have from sampling the energy drink, this office is more like a playground than a place to work.


How do you get to your meetings? According to the adverts, Red Bull gives you wings – and the employees of Red Bull certainly do fly into their meetings – on slides!


Here at Serviced Office Company, we offer a home away from home type experience where comfort and inspiration is paramount to our clients, but we thought that the Red Bull offices deserved a mention in our office of the month for going above and beyond creating an exciting and energetic work space!

Staff area: table tennis anyone?
Staff area: table tennis anyone?