When you work in an office environment and you spend up to eight hours a day with the same people, things are bound to get on your nerves a little bit. But, there are a few phrases which have become universally irritating. Here are our top ten:

1) Moving/Going forward

What this really means is ‘let’s try and forget your massive complaint and keep going’.

2) Incentivise

This word is used when discussing the best tool to make someone do something they do not want to do.

3) Let’s touch base about that offline

No one really seems to know what is meant by this, but it usually refers to having a private meeting about something.

4) Referring to a problem as a challenge

This is a clever way of side-stepping the acknowledgment of a problem.

5) Pre-plan

What is wrong with planning? You cannot pre-plan. It is not possible.

6) My door is open on this issue

Never have we heard this used by someone who has their own office. What is wrong with plain old ‘I am happy to speak about this’.

7) At the end of the day

Never have we heard this phrase used in reference to the end of an actual day

8 ) Thinking outside the box

Since when was there a box?

9) Give it 110%

Again it doesn’t make sense. This one is used to let people know that 100% will never be good enough!

10) Out of the loop

Translated, this means I don’t have all the information. Out of what loop, I’m not sure?

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