Office of the month

This month’s office of the month goes to…. Pixar. And we’ll tell you for why:

As well as walls painted like skies and a gorgeous open-plan cafeteria, the Pixar offices are nothing short of inspirational. With cool pumpkin fairy lights giving the shed-cubicals a Disney feel of their own, it’s no wonder this creative company comes up with such fun ideas.


According to Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, the guys responsible for this masterpiece, the building was retained by Pixar’s CEO, Steve Jobs, to design a new headquarters campus for 600 employees on a fifteen acre site in Emeryville, California. The facility is master planned to house more than 1,000 employees in the future.

Pixar 2

I want you on my desk

We have a new solution to irritating corporate speak and annoying colleagues. It is this: The USB missile defense array! Inclusive of software, this cunning little devise allows you to aim and fire at targets at your will!


Gosh! Just think of the possibilities! This is a better time waster than Twitter and is a sure fire way to get your revenge on your most annoying of work buddies!