If there is one thing we really appreciate at Serviced Office Company it’s cool stuff for the office. With Christmas just over a week away, some of us still haven’t had the time to buy Christmas presents for work colleagues and friends. To help you with your last minute shopping, we’ve found our top five cool office stocking fillers to really make Secret Santa memorable this year!

1) The Street Mouse
Whether you’re the boy or girl racer in the office, the Street Mouse means you can speed around your mouse mat as you surf the internet. This flashy desktop accessory comes with alloy wheels and LED headlights, as well as a variety of exterior colours. Who said using your work computer wasn’t fun?


2) Bendi Board pink computer keyboard
Bring some life to your desktop with an ultra cool, flexible, silicon keyboard. Not only will you look great using one, but its versatility means it’s coffee and tea-proof and can be easily rolled up and carried in your bag. There is a white option too.

3) Finger Print Lock
The fingerprint lock is the ultimate security gadget entry system for the budding James Bond! Great for the home too, you’ll never worry about being locked out again or the busy office with staff working all hours. Configured to hold up to 25 different finger prints in its memory.

4) Stationary Kit
This ingenious little stationary kit would please a CEO or student due to its pragmatic simplicity. Whether you work at home or in the office, you know that this kit will keep your administrative life in order!

5) Autobin
None of us particularly enjoy emptying a smelly that is riddled with germs and your colleagues left over curry remnants! The beautifully engineered AutoBin, with its non touch opening lid, is the ideal way to maintain hygiene in the office.

All of our serviced offices are unbranded space, a blank canvas if you like, which means that your business can really make our managed offices your own – especially with our cool Christmas office gift ideas. A big Merry Christmas from the Serviced Office Company team!

For more cool office stocking filler ideas visit www.urbanjunkie.co.uk

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