January’s office of the month goes to….Google. It was only a matter of time that we approbated the seemingly impressive Googleplex; Google’s HQ in Mountain View, California.

Not only does Googleplex boast four central buildings, totaling a whopping 47,000 sq meters, the entire site is spread over 26 acres – the equivalent to 30 football stadiums! This is the only place where “sorry, I got lost” is a common and acceptable excuse after returning late back from lunch.

The site was originally built for Silicon Graphics (SGI) as a creative collaboration between Studios Architecture, the SWA Group, the Planning and Community Development Agency of the City of Mountain View and SGI in order to develop the privately-owned corporate headquarters and adjoining public green space. The overall project was completed in 1997 and Google began leasing the facilities in 2003, as well as acquiring the majority of SGI’s estate, including the Googleplex, for an emphatic $319 million.

Now for the fun stuff. On a daily basis staff can enjoy the 1500 sq meter gym, free laundry rooms, two small swimming pools, sand volleyball court, 11 cafes and pool tables! The main lobby is furnished with giant shade lamps and rubber balls, as well as a piano and large projection of current live Google search queries.

As well as Googleplex being irrepressibly cool, inspiring and welcoming, it happens to be energy efficient too. The complex is littered with solar panels; covering the rooftops of eight buildings, two car parks and equipped to produce 1.6 megawatts of electricity. The panels provide the power needed for 30% of the peak electricity demand in their solar-powered buildings.

Is there anything GooglePlex can’t provide? It appears not and that’s why this is one of the most advanced and desirable office spaces to work in the world. We take our hats off to you Google!

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(images provide by wikipedia.org/wiki/Googleplex)

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