A lot of small businesses prefer to operate from serviced offices rather than commit to lengthy tenancy agreements with hostile landlords. Below are some of the reasons why a lot of our small business clients enjoy working with us:

•    Great Locations – Being situated in a great location is really useful for any small business. Having easy access to important resources like train stations and city centre banks can save you invaluable time. It also makes it a lot easier for other people to find you when they come to your offices.
•    Networking – Sharing contacts and ideas with other business people creates innumerable opportunities for start ups. Companies operating from serviced offices have the chance to mingle and discuss different ideas with a wide variety of professionals from different industries every single day, without even having to leave their office!
•    IT and telecoms infrastructure – In 2010 having proper phone and internet facilities is essential for any business; however it can be very expensive to get all of the necessary infrastructure in place on your own. At all of our office locations we have internet and phone access which is included in the rent. This means you don’t have to shell out for extra overheads at a time when you are trying to save money.
•    Professional look – It’s really important for small businesses and start ups to make good impressions with new stakeholders,  This task becomes a whole lot easier when you have stylishly-designed offices in a prime location to take your future employees, suppliers or even the dreaded bank manager too!
•    Fixtures and fittings – Cash is always tight for small businesses and start ups, so investing in expensive and stylish is understandably low on your list of priorities. However, all the business owners that rent space in our serviced offices get to take advantage of these perks because we provide them.
•    Commitment – With the economic crisis that the UK has faced in the last 18 months, committing to high long term costs is something that many owners have naturally shied away from. However, serviced offices allow you to have all of the perks of an expensive and stylish office without the burdening financial commitment.

If you’re thinking about taking the next step with your business, have a look at our portfolio of serviced offices in London and Manchester to see how we can help your business.

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