We’ve specialised in renting office space for quite some time now. Over the years we’ve seen some fairly undesirable locations renovated into commercial space; however, probably none as quite as undesirable as this!

The residence of the former Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott, is going to be turned into offices after members of the new government turned down the opportunity to move in at the address over fears they would attract public criticism linked to last year’s MP’s expenses scandal.

The spacious apartment located just around the corner from Trafalgar Square was infamously used by Mr. Prescott to entertain his mistress, Tracey Temple. The apartment was nicknamed ‘Prescott’s love nest’ by the tabloid press in 2006 when the story first broke.

Although we’re sure the building’s presentation and location is fantastic, would you really want to tell people you work in John Prescott’s former love nest’? We’ll leave that one with you…

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