As we spend a lot of time researching office equipment over the years we’ve seen a lot of changes take place in front of us at our desks. So we were interested to see that office retailer, Pixmania-Pro, has released a list of office gadgets they believe are facing extinction. The list includes items like desk phones and mobile water coolers, but more surprisingly compact discs and USB memory sticks that are commonly used today.

It’s thought items like CDs and memory sticks are in decline because more organisations are storing information externally through cloud computing systems. Smart phones are helping to kill off rolodexes, personal diaries and calculators as more people now use their phones for these kinds of functionality.

The list in full:

1. Compact Discs

2. Memory sticks

3. Rolodex

4. Personal diaries

5. Calculator

6. Desk phone

7. The Waste Paper Bin

8. Shredders

9. Mobile water coolers

10. Desktop hard drives

Although it’s easy to see why desk phones and mobile water coolers are in decline, we were a little surprised to see that the humble waste paper bin had made the list. However technologically advanced our offices become, here at the Serviced Office Company, we will always have space for the waste paper bin! (Although our waste bins aren’t actually waste bins because we recycle all of our unused paper!)

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