Office location of the month: The NatWest Media Centre Lords Cricket Ground, London

Lord’s Cricket Ground is widely referred to as the “home of cricket” and is home to the world’s oldest sporting museum. The Lord’s Media Centre is a building at Lord’s Cricket Ground, London which has been awarded the “Best Press Box View” by the Professional Cricketers’ Association.

The centre stands 15 metres above the ground and its sole support comes from the structure around its two lift shafts – it is approximately the same height as the Pavilion directly opposite it on the other side of the ground. The lower tier of the centre provides accommodation for over 100 journalists and the top tier has radio and television commentary boxes. The Building was awarded the RIBA Stirling Prize for architecture in 1999.

Originally sponsored by NatWest, in 2007 sponsorship was taken over by Investec. Since 31 May 2011, the media centre has been sponsored by J.P Morgan.

Lord’s Cricket Ground

Office Gadget of the month

At The Serviced Office Company we love gadgets and are always on the look-out for ones that will brighten up your day in the office. Here’s our favourite music themed desktop accessory this month.

Drumstick pencils

There’s a person in every office who thinks they’re a drumming rock god. They’ll usually illustrate this by tapping out rhythms using a pair of pens. If you are that desk-bound drummer, splash out on a pair of dedicated pencils for your inner Ringo.

Office of the month: Googleplex, Mountain View, California

The Googleplex is the corporate headquarters complex of Google. What’s not to like about this place!

Staff can move from floor to floor via a slide…there are also poles available, similar to the ones used in fire stations.

Staff can eat and drink from a vast choice of food three times a day for free, pool tables and video games are available in many areas and employees can work out in one of two high current “swim-in-place” pools under the watchful eye of a lifeguard.

For relaxing, employees can chill out in soundproofed stress capsule rooms, get subsidised massages or use the massage chair room with a view of aquariums. On each floor, there are private miniature ski cabins where employees can attend to personal affairs.

They must get some work done as well! To ensure maximum creativity, large white boards are available just about everywhere to capture any ideas that are generated away from the desk.

Staff can move from floor to floor via a slide

Office location of the month: Rongbuk Valley post office, Mt Everest base camp

Rongbuk Valley and the Rongbuk Glacier are located in the Himalaya of southern Tibet. Climbing expeditions and trekking parties use this glacier to reach the Advanced Base Camp of Mount Everest at the upper end of the East Rongbuk Glacier. From there, climbing expeditions try to summit Everest by the North Col and the northeast ridge.
At 17,000 feet the Rongbuk Valley post office is claimed to be the world’s highest located post office. It opens at 11am every day from April to August and costs 3 Yuan (£0.28) to send a letter to Beijing and 9 Yuan (£0.85) to send a letter to England.

Rongbuk Valley post office, Mt Everest base camp