Green denotes harmony, blue inspires innovation and bright orange promotes creativity- especially if you ask the bright orange coloured news corporation Bloomberg.

In terms of design the London Bloomberg office probably tops many of its rivals; almost entirely made out of glass, filled with enormous fish tanks, bright coloured lights and meeting rooms without walls or door. All done in the name of transparency, creativity and sustainable performance.

Michael Bloomberg’s idea is pretty clear; the sales floor is green floor to ceiling inspires harmony, the research floor is blue to conjure innovation Bloomberg’s own brand colour, bright orange, acts as a  source of creativity and is on everything from lifts to coffee cups in the cafeteria.

Bloomberg is big on sustainability: the meeting area tables and chairs are made from recycled monitors and keyboards. The office even employs its own marine biologist to look after the aquariums housing over 4,000 species of fish!


Bloomberg, London

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