Skywalker Ranch is a 4,000 acre working ranch that is the workplace of film director and producer George Lucas. It also houses his headquarters for Lucasfilm and Skywalker Sound.  Access to the main house is strictly prohibited unless permission is gained from Mr Lucas himself and no one apart from him and fellow director Steven Spielberg may enter the first floor offices!

The Ranch contains a barn with animals, its own vineyard, a garden with fruits and vegetables used in the restaurant on-site, an outdoor swimming pool and a fitness centre. Skywalker Ranch even has its own fire station!

Star Wars fans will be delighted to hear there is a man-made “Lake Ewok”, in addition to a hilltop observatory, a 300-seat theatre as well as multiple theatre screening rooms and parking that is mostly concealed underground to preserve the natural landscape.

Although used for business, the Skywalker Ranch is intended to be more of a “filmmaker’s retreat” than a headquarters for Lucas’s business operations.

The main house at Skywalker Ranch

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