Office of the month: Inventionland, USA

The largest invention factory in the USA is home to a multitude of unique office spaces that ooze inspiration. Founder George Davison wanted to create an unconventional office space that captures imagination and revolutionises his employees, more importantly to provide a creative complex that is brimming with excitement. With 16 office areas that range from a shipwrecked pirate ship to a castle the environment encourages an atmosphere of creativity. One office called the “Davy’s Treehouse” recently received a revamp to facilitate brainstorm meetings. It office now boasts an illuminated dry erase board that is panelled throughout the treehouse. Turning over 2000 inventions per year it is clear that the offices deliver an overspill of new product development!


Office location of the month: Mt Rocky, Alton Towers

This could well be the perfect office location for chocolate loving climbing instructors! The world’s first chocolate-based climbing wall was opened at Alton Towers theme park this Easter. Employees and climbing instructors who work at Mt Rocky get to work on a 32 feet tall, chocolate-centric climbing tower in the form of a Rocky biscuit bar! Mt. Rocky features a cascading four tonne chocolate waterfall flowing at a rate of 70,000 litres an hour and a chocolate grotto. In addition, it also has scratch-n-sniff chocolate scented seating areas that would be great for informal meetings or a catch up with the team!

The installation was the brainchild of a group of food technologists, engineers, a rollercoaster designer, sound artists, fashion designers and the UKs top climbing instructors.  Mt Rocky is the largest scratch-n-sniff structure in the world and is a great office location for those that have a sweet tooth. With all the paint used on it impregnated with micro-encapsulated aroma molecules, visitors and employees would certainly be able to smell it a half a mile away!

Tickets are available from Alton Towers.

Mt Rocky Alton Towers

Office Gadget of the month: USB cup warmer!

Never again will your cuppa go cold while you get stuck on that forgotten conference call or the boss drops by your desk for a chat! Simply plug in this cup warmer into your USB port and pop your mug onto the hot plate to keep your cuppa hot and extend the drinking time by up to 30 mins!

This low voltage (5V) gadget is powered solely by a cable plugged into your PC or laptop’s USB port, the hotplate fits most sizes of mug (although cannot be used with plastic cups or containers) and will maintain your drink at a temperature of 40 degrees for up to an hour.

The USB cup warmer measures 12cm x 12cm x 2cm – so can fit on most desks and has a cable length of 50cm.

USB Cup Warmer