This could well be the perfect office location for chocolate loving climbing instructors! The world’s first chocolate-based climbing wall was opened at Alton Towers theme park this Easter. Employees and climbing instructors who work at Mt Rocky get to work on a 32 feet tall, chocolate-centric climbing tower in the form of a Rocky biscuit bar! Mt. Rocky features a cascading four tonne chocolate waterfall flowing at a rate of 70,000 litres an hour and a chocolate grotto. In addition, it also has scratch-n-sniff chocolate scented seating areas that would be great for informal meetings or a catch up with the team!

The installation was the brainchild of a group of food technologists, engineers, a rollercoaster designer, sound artists, fashion designers and the UKs top climbing instructors.  Mt Rocky is the largest scratch-n-sniff structure in the world and is a great office location for those that have a sweet tooth. With all the paint used on it impregnated with micro-encapsulated aroma molecules, visitors and employees would certainly be able to smell it a half a mile away!

Tickets are available from Alton Towers.

Mt Rocky Alton Towers

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