Office gadgets of the month: Desktop Jellyfish Aquarium and Facebook Like Mugs

We love office gadgets and especially ones that are original! Let me introduce you to the desktop jellyfish aquarium. This nifty ornament holds 7 gallons of water and has a filtration system to provide a home for up to 5 jellyfish. Accompanied with lighting, this mini circular tank which is sized 17”height x 15”width x 8”length can be perched on your desk and offers small moon jellyfish and food supply too. Jellyfish are low maintenance and require feeding once a day but can go without food for a few days. Just make sure you feed them a big meal before you leave the office on a Friday! Jellyfish Art ships all dry products to the UK and additionally has European suppliers for jellyfish orders. Prices start from £180:11 (excluding shipping) for the desktop tank and go up to £448:08 for desktop jellyfish tank, large moon jellyfish, food supply, red leg hermit crab, cleaner snails and much, much more!

Desktop Jellyfish Aquarium

Office gadget of the month: Facebook Like Mugs

Like your tea or coffee? Love Facebook? Demonstrate your love for a cuppa in the mid-morning break with these quirky Facebook ‘Like’ inspired mugs. Great for the office or a gift it’s a top story worth pinning for your reference!! Priced at £5:95 you would be a mug for not getting one!

Facebook Like Mugs

Office of the month: Kelebek Cave Hotel, Goreme, Turkey

The offices of Kelebek Cave Hotel dates back from the medieval ages and are built with stones rescued from ancient demolished houses. The hotel is a great place for individuals who work in the hospitality industry and have a passion for history. Situated in the middle of Turkey Goreme is a historic cave city which is has been awarded as a UNESCO World heritage site. With some rooms adapted from what was a hermit’s chapel the hotel embraces its historic surroundings. Frescos still adorn the ceilings of some rooms which visitors and employees still see today.

Kelebek Cave Hotel, Goreme, Turkey

Office location of the month: Canary Wharf Group PLC, London

This month’s office location is a place of exemplary proportions. Canary Wharf PLC has more than 4 million square feet of Grade A office space and 660,000 square feet of retail space and is also home to the tallest building in the UK One Canada Square. The location offers 15 million square feet of office plus an array of shopping centres, bars, cafes and fabulous restaurants. From Nuevo Latino flavours of steak restaurant Gaucho to the Italian treats of Jamie’s Kitchen, arranging a working lunch with colleagues and clients is a one stop shop. With over 200 shops featuring Fat Face, Jaeger and Tiffany & Co, to arts and events such as ‘Big Screens Live from the Royal Opera House’, Barbican sponsored Japanese Anime and Silent Cinema, the choice in this location is plentiful.

Canary Wharf Group PLC London

Office Gadget of the month: paper airplane notepad!

Ever get frustrated that your internal emails seem to get ignored or your company requests put to the back of a queue?  Well, grab your colleague’s attention with a message written on Paper Airplane Notepaper!  Each sheet of paper comes complete with paper airplane instructions, so once you’ve handwritten your message, you can fold them up and glide them across the room – it’s the ideal low-tech alternative to email!

The A5 100 page notepad has paper airplane designs printed on each sheet from a selection of five classic designs: Little Bird, Dart, Glider, Hammerhead and Dive Bomber!

Paper airplane notepad