Office of the month: The Shard, London

The latest edition to the London skyline, The Shard, is Europe’s tallest building. Designed by Renzo Piano this iconic building is more than 1,000 feet tall. The 72 floors feature an array of offices, exclusive residencies, a luxury hotel, restaurants and a viewing gallery. This inspirational workplace has some of the best views of London and is a magnet for companies who want to really impress clients. The restaurants span three floors serving an array of delectable delights. So, working lunches and coffee breaks should no longer be marred by soggy sandwiches and weak coffee!

The Shard

Office location of the month: Lapland Igloo Village, Finland

The tourism industry has some beautiful office locations and Lapland Igloo Village is no exception! Situated in northern Finland, Lapland Igloo Village offers a variety of winter sports including cross country skiing, husky safari trips, ice fishing, ice swimming and snowboarding. Amid beautiful Nordic wilderness, the offices oversee: 40 log cabins, a honeymoon turf chamber, glass igloos, snow igloos, a traditional Lappish farmhouse, one of the world’s largest smoke saunas (equipped with its own restaurant), a log house restaurant, two exotic Lappish tent restaurants, snow restaurant, snow chapel and an ice bar!  Offices in this location would certainly be equipped with some fantastic views of this winter wonderland.

Lapland igloo village

Office gadget of the month: Aeropress coffee maker

Fancy having a cup of coffee but get put off by the dirty coffee machine in the office kitchen? Well, grab yourself an Aeropress coffee maker so you don’t have to wash up somebody else’s mess! Keep this hidden in your draw and whack it out when you fancy having a brew. Simply put fresh coffee into its chamber, pour hot water in, stir and press down the plunger. It takes 30 seconds for this nifty gadget to brew fresh coffee, so you don’t have to hang around for a fresh cup. The kit comes with a year’s supply of filters, filter holder, funnel, scoop, stirrer and instruction leaflet. Priced at £29.99 it’s probably the same cost as a round of coffees at Starbucks!

Office gadget of the month: Cooling fan pen

So its summer and you’re feeling the heat in a stuffy office. The air con is non-existent and you’re starting to feel the sweat with impending work deadlines. Fear not! For £5.95 you can grab yourself this fan pen that will guarantee to get you cool. All you need to do is press the button on the pen to activate the fan on top and that’s it. To get the fan going the pen requires one AAA battery (please note the battery is not included). No reason to lose your cool the next time you see the boss!

Office of the month: Saatchi and Saatchi, Bangkok, Thailand

The headquarters of Saatchi and Saatchi in Bangkok, Thailand, is a vision of playful and innovative design. Designer Joel Clement from Supermachine who designed this funky office says he created an office space that “is genuinely fun to come to everyday, and that it didn’t take itself too seriously”.  Judging by the humorous and modern interior it appears Joel has achieved his mission. From the reception desk designed to look like a big white bus to meeting rooms that are designed as “meeting cabins”, employees should be entertained throughout the working day.  In addition, most offices in the building have a race track which should make things fun when racing to the photocopier!

Saatchi & Saatchi, Thailand

Office location of the month: Wowo campsite, East Sussex

The beautiful Sussex countryside, melodic birdsong, unusual Mongolian yurts and luscious bluebell fields surround this rustic office location. Located at Wapsbourne Manor, Wowo campsite is a family run business and part of an organic farm producing cereal and vegetable crops. Dating back to Anglo Saxon times, Waspbourne Manor was known during the Domesday period as Werpesburn. The characteristic building seen today however is a rebuild dating back to the 17th century. Surrounded by some of the prettiest countryside in the UK, Wowo campsite is an irresistible workplace for individuals who love country life with a twist. Taking a lunch break in the summertime would certainly be a pleasurable experience with its abundant natural beauty in full bloom.

Wowo campsite