Fancy having a cup of coffee but get put off by the dirty coffee machine in the office kitchen? Well, grab yourself an Aeropress coffee maker so you don’t have to wash up somebody else’s mess! Keep this hidden in your draw and whack it out when you fancy having a brew. Simply put fresh coffee into its chamber, pour hot water in, stir and press down the plunger. It takes 30 seconds for this nifty gadget to brew fresh coffee, so you don’t have to hang around for a fresh cup. The kit comes with a year’s supply of filters, filter holder, funnel, scoop, stirrer and instruction leaflet. Priced at £29.99 it’s probably the same cost as a round of coffees at Starbucks!

Office gadget of the month: Cooling fan pen

So its summer and you’re feeling the heat in a stuffy office. The air con is non-existent and you’re starting to feel the sweat with impending work deadlines. Fear not! For £5.95 you can grab yourself this fan pen that will guarantee to get you cool. All you need to do is press the button on the pen to activate the fan on top and that’s it. To get the fan going the pen requires one AAA battery (please note the battery is not included). No reason to lose your cool the next time you see the boss!

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