Are you a bit clumsy when it comes to eating and drinking at your desk? If so, maybe it’s time you invested in a bendi light up waterproof keyboard! For £29.99 this waterproof and flexible keyboard can be yours. Wiping off spillages and dislodging crumbs from between keys should no longer be an arduous task. Made of silicone, you can even roll it up and whack it into your briefcase! In addition, this keyboard glows bright blue so you can type in low light. All you need is a USB port to get it going. The keyboard comes with a 150cm USB cable and is 49.5 x 14 x 1.5cm in size. Suitable for 12 years+.

Bendi light up waterproof keyboard

Office gadget of the month: TrekDesk

Eating too many biscuits at work can bring on the guilty pangs. Especially if you can’t make it to the gym on time to burn off the calories. If this sounds like you, then invest in TrekDesk, a treadmill desk that lets you work out at work! From £309.90 this specially designed desk fits most treadmills and will help burn off the calories without going to the gym. The desk is 72 inches long by 34 inches wide and has two adjustable support legs. Made out of steel, it has a top stand for your telephone, a cup holder and a manuscript holder – so you can catch up on that memo you keep meaning to read! Suitable for employees who are 5ft 4 inches to 6ft 4 inches.

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