Need to scan a document but too immersed in deadlines to dash to the scanner? Invest in CopyCat, the portable handheld scanner. For £79.99 this device has a massive 32GB of memory and  600 DPI resolution! To operate this super handy gadget just pop in two AA batteries and hover over the image to capture it, then upload data on to the computer via a USB port cable. The product comes with a carrying pouch, cleaning cloth, calibration card, two AA batteries, USB cable, software CD, guide book and warranty manual. Now you never have to leave your desk to scan again!


Office gadget of the month: Shirt shuttle

This gadget is perfect for business trips or sessions at the gym before work. Shirt shuttle is a high strength, lightweight, waterproof case to store shirts, keeping them crease free. Simply wrap your shirt around the enclosed folding board and job done! With soft, round edges to prevent creasing, it also has a fold out handle so you can hang it up in the gym locker! Measuring 36.5cm(L) x 25.5cm(W) x 6cm(D) it’s perfect for storing a clean shirt in your desk draw for impromptu meetings or evening engagements. From £29.99, you never need to be sporting a coffee stained shirt again!

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