• Trying to find the right office space for your business can be very challenging, because if you end   up in the wrong one, this will have so many repercussions for your business.
  • There are many different uses for your office, no matter how small or large your business can be.
  • This is where you will work on a daily basis for many hours and it needs to be comfortable for you.
  • It may also be where you meet with potential clients and people who you do business with, so you want to look professional and you also want them to be comfortable.


  • When you think about a location for an office space there are lots of factors to be considered, otherwise your workplace can turn into a living nightmare.
  • Your clients, both current and prospective, have to be considered.
  • Your employees, will it impact your current ones, as well as the available labour pool.

after much planning and consideration we ensured that both of our centres were located in hub of the London and Northwest’s business environments, Davenport house in London (Canary Wharf) and Imperial Court in Manchester (Salford Quays),  areas which are also easily accessible by road and public transport.


  • Before signing on the dotted line, it is important to know exactly what you are getting yourself into with your new office space.
  • Does your office building support your business requirements and regulations?
  • You would feel cheated if you have overlooked vital terms and conditions mentioned in the fine print of your agreement.
  • This oversight may just result in you overpaying your service providers. You should check there is enough flexibility in the terms and conditions without being too restrictive.

T&C’s are available for perusal at any time, just contact us by telephone or email and we will email them to you immediately.


  • Air conditioning, plumbing, heating and waste disposal will all need careful consideration, but are often overlooked.
  • Will you need to provide any of these yourselves?

 offer all of the above facilities within your one monthly cost and maintain everything on your behalf, therefore offering a very comfortable environment for your employees and no worry or additional cost outlay for yourself or your business.


  • Make sure you consider possible future growth.
  • A short-term lease may be ideal if the growth is hard to forecast.

 offer 1 month to 12 month renewable licence agreements, thus offering the flexibility required.


  •  A proper budget can save a lot of stress down the road. Nobody wants to go over budget when moving offices, so have a clear idea of all costs involved beforehand to avoid surprises later on.

one monthly cost covering all of the following ensures you can keep to your budget:

  • Rent
  • Service Charge
  • Rates
  • Utilities (including Air-Conditioning)
  • Furniture
  • Communal kitchens, breakout area and complimentary beverages
  • Receptionist and telephone answering
  • Cleaning


  • The number of personnel and their required workspace is the largest determinant of the necessary office space for a business.
  • Think about the different amenities that you need in your office, as well as amenities that can be shared with other tenants in the building (communal space).

do not believe in cramped space and all our desks are 1600, so lots of space for each person to work. In our communal areas we offer modern kitchen facilities and even breakout rooms with football tables for a little R&R.


  •  Does the office offer the IT infrastructure your business requires and if not what would be the costs involved to install or upgrade this?
  • Thinking about the suitability of your shortlisted spaces for your IT needs, can save you time and money later.

have the latest telephones with a VOIP system and in addition to this we also have the quickest broadband speed in the area, again all within one monthly cost.  Therefore no installation costs to chip away at your budget and we worry about the support, whilst you just use the system.

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