Natural office space preferred by 4 in 5 people

New research published by Lund University in Sweden reveals that more than four out of five people have a preference for natural office space and biophilic office interiors.

Biophilic office space incorporates elements of nature, ranging from natural materials and natural daylight, to indoor planting to soften the space.

In September we looked at some of the principles of biophilic office interiors, including large windows that connect you with the natural environment outside, and the use of pot plants to bring nature indoors.

Peter O’Reilly in Lund University’s Department of Psychology surveyed nearly 200 people to learn more about their preferences before starting work in a new office environment.

Using a combination of questionnaires, he found that 81.4% of office workers across both genders prefer their workspace to incorporate natural features of the type found in biophilic office design.

Gender and biophilic office space

One unexpected result from Mr O’Reilly’s research was the discovery that female respondents were more likely to prefer biophilic office interiors than their male counterparts.

This had not formed part of his initial predictions – although he noted that it reflected previous research done on the subject.

In his conclusion, Mr O’Reilly wrote: “Future office-based professionals appear to exhibit a priori office workspace design preferences consistent with research identifying good psycho-environmental design.”

The study seems to back up what was already known about biophilic office interiors and their effects on employees’ state of mind, with further implications in terms of reducing stress and boosting productivity.

Get access to biophilic serviced office space

As we have said before, biophilic serviced office space does not have to go to extremes – some careful use of indoor planting and natural materials can be an excellent starting point.

In our serviced offices in London and Manchester, we combine this with good use of natural light and the surrounding environment.

Wherever possible, our serviced offices and meeting rooms have large windows, and our buildings are located close to water, whether it’s the London Docklands or Salford Quays.

Combined with ergonomically designed office furniture from brand name suppliers, we do everything we can to provide you with a comfortable workplace that nurtures your productivity and mental wellbeing throughout each working day.

Proud to provide green serviced office space

Of course for many people it’s not just a case of wanting a sense of nature in the workplace, it’s also about choosing premises that are environmentally friendly so you can be as productive as possible with good peace of mind.

We are proud that our green serviced office space includes Ecotricity green energy, carbon emissions offsetting and excellent access via public transport, as well as secure on-site bike racks and shower facilities if you need to clean up after your morning commute.

Our carpets and our furniture, including our ergonomic office chairs, are made of recycled materials where possible, and we use energy efficient heating and cooling, as well as water-saving devices to make the most effective use of all resources.

Serviced offices in Manchester give female entrepreneurs opportunity

Following research published to coincide with International Women’s Day, we take a look at how serviced offices in Manchester give female entrepreneurs a range of opportunities from safer scalability, to greater networking opportunities with business peers.

The Rose Review of Female Entrepreneurship was conducted by NatWest’s deputy CEO of commercial and private banking Alison Rose and commissioned by HM Treasury to identify the economic opportunities of providing more support to female entrepreneurs.

Some of Manchester and the north-west’s leading figures from business and politics contributed evidence and opinions to the review, including Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham.

It found that women are significantly less likely than men to start their own business venture – and are outnumbered by a ratio of two to one, with an average business size half that of their male counterparts.

By closing the entrepreneur gender gap, the review estimates the UK economy could be boosted to the tune of £250 billion, roughly four years’ worth of normal economic growth.

What stops women entrepreneurs?

The Rose Review found that women tend to be more risk averse and have fewer existing business connections than their male counterparts, leading to less networking and slower growth.

While 29% of male entrepreneurs scale their business up to over £1 million turnover, for women this figure is just 13%.

However, both sexes are equally successful at keeping their business ventures afloat, and a healthy 73% of entrepreneurs of either gender have been trading for over 3.5 years.

How can serviced offices in Manchester help?

By using serviced offices in Manchester, your new venture benefits from a fully furnished, well equipped workspace with room to grow – safely, as you can scale up to larger offices as and when you are ready.

We even offer virtual offices in Manchester, so you can have a professional business address even if you still currently work from home, removing the challenge of putting across a professional image if you can’t find suitable childcare arrangements or can’t commute for some other reason.

Our serviced office space in Manchester is a real melting pot, with breakout spaces, kitchen facilities and communal areas that encourage networking between the entrepreneurs who use our premises on a daily basis.

Putting Manchester’s female entrepreneurs on the map

Choose our serviced offices in Manchester for an M5 postcode or our adjacent serviced offices in MediaCity for an M50 postcode ideal for media start-ups and creative firms.

Either option puts you firmly on the map with an Exchange Quay or Clippers Quay address and a workplace reached easily by public transport from the city centre – including just a few stops along the Metrolink line – or by car from the ring road.

We are hugely proud of the start-ups who choose to work from our serviced offices in Manchester to support their networking ambitions and reduce the risks of scalability.

No matter whether they are led by women or by men, we look forward to helping many more entrepreneurs take their first steps along a new and ambitious career path.