Why serviced offices for women in the north-west are in demand

In March we reported on how serviced offices for women in the north-west are helping to close the entrepreneur gender gap, with a potential £250 billion boost for the national economy.

Two months on from International Women’s Day, a report from IPSE reveals that women represent a growing percentage of self-employed individuals in the UK, but still lag behind men in terms of numbers.

Around two thirds of the solo self-employed workforce are now male, with women accounting for the remaining 35% but growing in number.

The rise of female freelancers

A particular rise has been seen in the number of highly skilled female freelancers, up by 334,000 in the past decade, a 63% increase – that’s more than the population of Nottingham.

The number of senior-level female freelancers in the UK is now 863,000 across sectors including health, arts and media, with an even higher 80% increase in the number of freelancing mothers.

IPSE chair and senior freelance business analyst Caroline Morgan said: “The senior women I speak to chose to be their own boss for a wide range of reasons, from variety in their career to balancing family life.

“As a freelancer I have been able to find that balance outside the confines of a corporate structure.”

Opportunities for self-employed women in the north-west

While the number of women in solo self-employment has risen, there are still strong opportunities in the north-west.

The IPSE report shows self-employment is concentrated in the south of the country, with 20% of solo self-employed based in the south-east and another 19% in London, plus 11% in the south-west.

Another 23% are based across Wales, the Midlands and the East of England. Just 8% of self-employed individuals work in the north-west.

With our serviced offices in Manchester and MediaCity, we cater for new entrants into highly skilled self-employment, with well-appointed workspaces and meeting rooms equipped with networking, communications and audiovisual equipment – the essentials to get you started in business on your own.

In a region with plenty of demand and a relatively low proportion of the existing self-employed workforce – whether male or female – our serviced offices in Manchester are a flexible and scalable way to grow in business on your own.

Not in the north-west? No worries!

You don’t have to live in Manchester or Salford in order to start a business based in the north-west. Our virtual offices in MediaCity and Manchester’s Exchange Quay give you a postal address and geographic telephone number located here.

We also provide virtual offices in London, allowing you to base a business on the Isle of Dogs even without working from there in person.

If you do ever want to work from your business address, we have serviced offices in London and Manchester at the same locations as our virtual offices.

Or for one-off meetings with investors and important customers, our on-site meeting rooms in MediaCity, Manchester and London allow you to host guests, again at the same address that is used for your virtual office.

Cut carbon with serviced offices in London and Manchester

After the Labour Party chose a topic of Environment and Climate Change for an Opposition Day debate on May 1st, the UK Parliament declared a national climate emergency calling on the Government to accelerate efforts to become carbon-neutral by 2050.

This follows previous similar announcements on a regional basis:

  • In November 2018, Manchester City Council brought forward its zero-carbon deadline to 2038.
  • In December 2018, the London Assembly unanimously passed a motion calling for the capital to be carbon-neutral by 2030.
  • Other cities and the governments of Scotland and Wales have also declared emergencies.

Just two weeks earlier on April 16th, Sir James Bevan, chief executive of the Environment Agency, spoke at the Whitehall and Industry Group of the challenge and opportunity of tackling climate change.

Adopting a carbon-neutral working lifestyle

Sir James noted the UK’s 43% drop in carbon emissions compared with 1990, but added that the next challenge is to cut emissions from buildings, transport and agriculture.

“Most of these reductions in emissions have come from closing down coal power stations and cleaning up heavy industry,” he explained. “That was the easy bit.”

He added: “Much of this is about our lifestyle choices. As I said, we have agency. We are free to make those choices: about how we work [and] how we travel.”

How offices can tackle carbon emissions and climate change

Green office space is a key element in making the UK workforce carbon-neutral, as unlike heavy industry, many office-based professions have a minimal carbon footprint other than that of the buildings in which they are based.

Serviced offices in London and Manchester represent an excellent opportunity to cut carbon emissions from offices: they allow multiple occupants to use a single building, without wasting energy on heating and lighting unused rooms.

Our serviced offices in London, Manchester and MediaCity go further, with several credentials that help you to demonstrate your commitment to cutting carbon and tackling climate change.

Go green with serviced offices in London and Manchester

Our serviced offices are located close to public transport links with good access to pedestrians and cyclists, so you can choose how to get here.

Just some examples of how you can go green with serviced offices in London and Manchester from the Serviced Office Company:

  • Energy-efficient cooling and heating systems.
  • Recycled materials in carpets, chairs and furniture.
  • Water-efficient devices installed throughout.
  • Light detectors reduce wasted artificial lighting.
  • Green energy tariffs from Ecotricity.
  • Carbon offsetting from Climate Care.
  • On-site recycling facilities.
  • On-site cycle racks, changing rooms and showers.

The list goes on, and we are always looking for new ways to go green in our office space to further cut carbon emissions and to offset any remaining carbon footprint.

Go virtual to cut commuter carbon

Finally, consider virtual offices to cut carbon associated with your daily commute to work.

We offer virtual offices in London, MediaCity and Manchester at the same addresses as our serviced office space.

This gives you a postal address and telephone number to use for correspondence, but lets you work from anywhere you want – including from home.

By eliminating the commute to and from work, and using your own premises, this further reduces your carbon footprint, helping you to go zero-emissions in your own business activities.

Why low office vacancy in London is good news

If you’re looking for office space in London, you might think that it is bad news to find that there is a low rate of office vacancy in the city.

According to Statista, London office vacancies fell from just over 10.2% of all office space in London in 2010, to 7% in 2013, and were predicted to continue to fall.

The report forecasted that London office vacancies would drop to below 5% in 2017 and that by this year, just 4.4% of office space in London would be available to new tenants.

For those currently looking for London office space, an extremely low percentage of available workspaces might sound like bad news.

But while low supply and high demand is generally linked with higher rental costs, it is also good news for businesses as a sign of the capital’s thriving commercial community.

When is low availability of office space in London a good thing?

The low rate of empty office space in London is a sign that demand is good – and that means more businesses are looking to locate in London.

Combining new start-ups with those that have survived over a number of years, this is all a sign of a healthy economy in the capital, which in turn explains why demand is so high and supply is relatively low.

Statista explains: “Office vacancy rates are understood as one of the indicators foretelling the future good or poor economic performance of the commercial sector in London.

“The lower the office vacancy rate, the better conditions for business, as companies have confidence in expanding and upgrading, and the market witnesses numerous new entries into the business.”

How to deal with a lack of vacant offices in London

There are several solutions to office occupancy rates in London being so high at present, and at Serviced Office Company we can help with those.

  • Serviced offices in London give you somewhere to work that is already fully furnished and does not require you to commit to acquiring premises or a long-term lease.
  • Alternatively, our meeting rooms in London can be used as a location for high-profile meetings, while you work the rest of the time from somewhere else.
  • Virtual offices in London take this a step further, giving you a postal address and phone number in the capital even though you are not based here at all.

In this way, no matter how high the London office occupancy rate gets, you can still get access to a virtual office address in London, with all of the usual status that a presence in the capital brings.

With our London serviced offices, meeting rooms and virtual offices based at Davenport House adjacent to Canary Wharf, Serviced Office Company is the solution to a wide variety of potential problems when it comes to finding London office space with immediate availability.

To find out more, contact us today. You can email us on info@servicedofficecompany.co.uk or call 0800 319 6600 to discuss our workplaces in London and also our locations in Manchester.

Weatherproof your workplace with Manchester meeting rooms

Our Manchester meeting rooms and serviced offices are the perfect way to make sure you arrive at work in presentable condition, especially if you have a big meeting to prepare for.

With desirable locations for meeting rooms in MediaCity on Clippers Quay and the adjacent Exchange Quay for meeting rooms in Manchester’s M5 postcode, we provide our clients with well-appointed spaces to welcome high-profile visitors and investors.

And we go the extra mile to make sure you can present yourself at your best too, from your morning commute right through to the moment you meet and greet your guests.

Whatever the weather

First of all, let’s be optimistic – following a hot and sunny summer in 2018, it’s possible that the coming months of 2019 and subsequent summers in the years ahead will set new records too.

That can lead to some uncomfortable conditions in some workplaces, but in our Manchester serviced offices and meeting rooms, we have taken precautions against the hottest days.

We let in plenty of natural light, but we also have energy-efficient HVAC systems in place for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

This means you are able to control the temperature of your workspace safe in the knowledge that the air-con is powered by green electricity and any carbon emissions are fully offset.

Ready for rainy days

On rainy days – which are not unusual in a Manchester summer – we’ve also got you covered.

Both Exchange Quay and Clippers Quay are just a short walk from the nearest Metrolink stop, so if you’re arriving by tram you won’t be out in the elements for long.

Manchester serviced offices tenants also have access to shower rooms and changing areas, so you are welcome to freshen up on arrival if you have been caught out in the rain unprepared.

Together this all makes it easier to present yourself well to visitors, while crucially it also helps to make sure your guests can arrive in comfort when visiting our meeting rooms in Manchester and MediaCity.

Future-proof workplaces

We don’t know what weather the years ahead will bring. Global warming puts more energy into the atmosphere, and that can mean more erratic and extreme weather conditions.

By committing to green energy and carbon offsetting now, we are doing our part to avoid the most extreme outlook, while also giving all of our tenants the facilities you need to cope with inclement weather at any time of year.

That might mean a wet and muddy commute by car or tram, or a hot and sweaty bike ride into work – however you choose to arrive, we can help you to clean off and cool off before that big meeting.

To find out more about our serviced offices and meeting rooms in Manchester and MediaCity, please don’t hesitate to contact Serviced Office Company on 0800 319 6600 or by email to info@servicedofficecompany.co.uk.

You can also look up both of our Manchester/MediaCity meeting rooms using the following postcodes:

Clippers House (Clippers Quay, MediaCity) – M50 3XP

Imperial Court (Exchange Quay, Manchester) – M5 3EB