Give yourself a pay rise by cycling to work in serviced offices in Manchester

With a new year on the way, you might be surprised by how many traditional New Year’s resolutions can be achieved by cycling to work in serviced offices in Manchester, by taking public transport, or even by walking if you live nearby.

Cycling is an active commute, it’s eco-friendly and it saves money – a bike doesn’t need any fuel other than the energy you put into it from your own legs.

That means cycling to work can play a huge part in New Year’s resolutions and other long-term lifestyle choices like:

  • Living a less sedentary lifestyle.
  • Spending less time sat in traffic.
  • Cutting your carbon footprint.
  • Getting healthy and more athletic.
  • Using fewer fossil fuels.

But for many of us – especially if you run your own business – it’s the prospect of saving on a big daily expense that might be most appealing and the real-terms pay rise this can represent in the new year.

How much does commuting by bike save?

Our serviced offices in Manchester are perfectly placed for commuting by bike to save money, carbon or to get fit.

They’re located in Salford Quays and MediaCityUK, and you can get detailed maps of cycle routes – both off-road and on quiet traffic roads – on the Transport for Greater Manchester website.

We offer secure cycle parking on-site and washroom facilities so you can freshen up after your morning commute, whatever the weather.

But how much extra money in your pocket will you have if you commute by bike?

According to recent research by Lloyds Bank, two in five people in the north-west don’t like their commute to and from work.

The average cost is just under £60 a month. That’s £720 over the course of a year – well over enough to pay for a city break to Barcelona, according to the research.

Miles Ravenhill, director at Lloyds Bank, said: “Commuters in the UK are spending almost £800 a year on their journey to and from work – the equivalent of a city break to sunny Europe.

“While many may dream of rolling out of bed and straight into the office, the daily commute is the perfect opportunity to invest in yourself, whether that’s keeping up with the latest news, unwinding to a podcast or relaxing to some music.”

How to cancel the commute completely

If a gentle cycle commute along the canal towpath doesn’t appeal to you, why not get a virtual office in Salford Quays instead?

This gives you a landline telephone number and postal address at our serviced offices in MediaCityUK or Salford Quays, but it’s all virtual.

Any communications are forwarded over to you to handle, allowing you to work from anywhere you want – even from your bed.

That cuts out the average hour-long commute completely, along with all of the associated costs of owning a car, buying public transport tickets, or even the relatively small cost of maintaining a bicycle.

If you’d like to spend more of 2020 in bed and less time on the road, a virtual office in Manchester‘s booming business districts of Salford Quays and MediaCityUK could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Serviced offices in London provide flexibility with privacy

Flexibility and scalability are two of the key reasons why some businesses use co-working office space but, following recent research, serviced offices in London‘s most desirable areas could prove to be the better option.

In a typical co-working space there’s little privacy. This open-plan way of working is part of the point, to allow for collaboration and interaction between individuals, but it can leave workers with no space of their own to retreat to.

According to a recent study from the British Council for Offices, conducted in collaboration with the business architects Gensler, 40% of flexible office space users say they would prefer a more conventional workplace.

In London in particular, satisfaction with features relating to the space and the services provided is low, at 12% under the national average.

The capital deserves better – which is why we would urge anyone currently using co-working office space to consider our serviced offices in London instead.

Why choose serviced offices in London?

Serviced offices in London‘s busiest business districts – such as our serviced offices on the Isle of Dogs, a stone’s throw from Canary Wharf – give you access to high-quality office space and scalability to expand as your business and workforce grow in the future.

At the same time, they offer the advantages of flexible workspace, without the drawbacks. There are communal kitchen areas and breakout rooms, so you can talk to the other business owners and employees who work from the building.

Meeting rooms are available on-site when you need them – just book a room when you need to, so you’re not left to pay for meeting rooms in London when you don’t need them.

But crucially, and unlike co-working spaces, serviced offices give you privacy, with your own office space that you can brand as you wish, and a door you can close against the outside world when you want to focus on building your business.

This is a good match for the BCO research, which found that:

  • 69% of people collaborate more in flexible workspace.
  • 57% of flexible workspace users feel happier at work.
  • But only 29% said they concentrate more in co-working spaces.

Serviced offices are the ideal alternative, giving you all of the collaboration opportunities of sharing a building with other innovators and business leaders, but the privacy of your own office when you need to concentrate.

Inclusive and empowering

The key message from this research is that a workplace that supports only one style of working can be limiting, whereas a variety of spaces from private offices to meeting rooms to shared breakout rooms for relaxation can help to support different working styles.

Cesar Jeri, digital workplace strategy lead at Verizon, told the BCO: “A workspace needs to be first and foremost inclusive and empower people to make a choice so that it can address the needs of most, if not all, its end-users.”

Whether that’s one end-user or a growing business, our serviced offices in London can provide you with the scalable space you need to work the way you want.