The unseen effects of bright and airy office space

Our serviced office spaces are designed to be bright and spacious, with plenty of natural light wherever possible and enough room to comfortably move around.

This has obvious aesthetic appeal – you spend your work days in a pleasant, comfortable environment complete with shared meeting rooms, kitchen facilities and breakout rooms for relaxation.

But there’s more to it than meets the eye. Research published in Italy last summer looked at the effects of the interior design of office space on occupants’ circadian rhythm, which governs the sleep cycle and other factors like daytime alertness.

The study first looked at the optimal conditions for working under artificial lights and then introduced natural daylight to see if this had a further effect on occupants’ melatonin levels, using a measure called Equivalent Melanopic Lux or EML.

A helping hand for daylight

According to the results, natural daylight provides a higher level of indoor illuminance, which helps to increase EML.

But the article conceded that at certain times of the year and when the weather is overcast, natural light alone is unable to deliver the levels of light needed and artificial lights must be used to assist.

In these circumstances, bright office interiors have another advantage – their brighter walls reflect more of the light from both natural and artificial sources, keeping office interiors well lit with less energy consumed.

That means white walls and other reflective surfaces are not only visually pleasing, they also sustain the circadian rhythms of employees and reduce energy bills in the workplace too.

Comfort from colour

If a plain white office doesn’t sound appealing, don’t worry – the study also looked at the effect of colour, which you can find on accent walls and furniture throughout our shared office spaces and meeting rooms.

The research found that coloured panels with high surface reflectance could further boost EML by nearly 10% in offices with a grey interior and by more than 1% in white offices.

According to the research, colours with shorter wavelengths – such as the blue-green end of the spectrum – are especially effective at achieving this.

We believe strongly in the benefits of having some colour around the workplace, as you’ll see in many of our meeting rooms and serviced offices.

You can also add your own branding and decor to the office space you occupy, giving you free rein to include any colours you choose to help boost employee wellbeing and productivity.

Best practice for EML

The International WELL Building Institute’s WELL Standard sets out minimum recommended EML levels for the workplace, including:

  • At least 200 EML at over 75% of workstations between 9am and 1pm.
  • Minimum 150 EML at all workstations using electric lights.
  • Break rooms with at least 250 EML via daylight and/or artificial lights.

Employees can improve their own circadian rhythm further by avoiding bright lights as bedtime approaches – the WELL Standard recommends no brighter than 50 EML in living environments, including bathrooms and bedrooms, at night-time.

By getting bright light in the daytime and reducing EML levels in the evenings, the natural circadian rhythm stays on track, helping employees to get enough sleep and arrive refreshed and ready for work the next day, every day.

What do clients love about Serviced Office Company?

Our serviced offices and meeting rooms in Manchester, MediaCityUK and London have seen plenty of tenants over the years and have served as virtual offices for even more.

So what is it that keeps customers coming back year after year, meeting after meeting? We publish testimonials to our website so you can see for yourself and the answer is… everything!

Here we’ve picked out some of the benefits our clients mention time and time again in their positive feedback.


We work hard to bring your serviced offices in London and Manchester’s most desirable locations, from Canary Wharf to Salford Quays and MediaCityUK.

So it’s always great when a happy customer praises our convenient yet highly sought-after locations.

This is especially true for virtual office customers, who might otherwise find it impossible to get a professional-looking postcode or geographic telephone number in the areas we serve.

Ease of Access

Our locations are not just about looking good on paper – they’re also easy to access via public transport and road alike.

Serviced offices in London at Davenport House are minutes from the nearest DLR station, while our serviced offices in Manchester are well served by Metrolink and other public transport.

All of our office buildings and meeting rooms are close to water, with many rooms offering a direct view out and plenty of natural daylight, so your working day doesn’t feel like you’re trapped within four walls.

Meeting Rooms

Our meeting rooms in Manchester and London are more than just an add-on for our serviced office tenants – we put just as much care and attention into keeping them well appointed.

Again, client testimonials often praise the efforts we go to, especially those who have booked one of our delicious business lunches.

If you want a private place to hold a meeting with all the facilities you need – whether it’s a buffet lunch or audiovisual equipment – give us a call.


We pride ourselves on the professionalism of our employees, so it’s always great when our tenants take pride in our level of service too.

Whether you’re a serviced office tenant or you make use of our virtual office service, you’ll get to know our reception team well – and so will your employees, customers and other visitors.

Our seamless service means that our professionalism will always reflect positively on your business too and we hear time and time again from clients who are impressed by how well we meet their needs and how quickly we can respond to requests.


Flexibility is at the core of providing good serviced office space and we meet our clients’ needs in so many different ways in this area.

Virtual offices in Manchester and London mean you can have a professional address and telephone number without even working on-site from our offices.

Meeting rooms can be booked on an ad hoc basis, and serviced office tenants have the opportunity to expand as your business grows (subject to available space).

So if you’re looking to grow your operation in an environment that gives you everything you need, add your name to the list of very happy Serviced Office Company customers today.