How serviced offices can help you with workplace social distancing

As more businesses start to get employees back to work, the term ‘COVID-secure workplace’ is the latest new addition to the UK’s Coronavirus vocabulary, and serviced offices can help you to open back up in a number of important ways.

For companies that already make use of our serviced offices, there are several things you can do to help ensure your workforce complies with social distancing in the office:

  • Space out workstations as much as possible
  • Avoid employees facing each other across a desk
  • Erect physical barriers wherever 2m separation is impossible

Imagine the layout of a traditional schoolroom, with individual desks all facing front – this spaces people apart and makes the best use of the room available by positioning workstations in a kind of grid layout.

We are happy to accommodate social distancing measures as much as possible in our serviced offices in Manchester and London, and as always the large windows let in plenty of natural light to help your employees feel comfortable in their new location.

If you need more space

In some cases, you might simply have too many employees to allow for adequate spacing between their seating positions.

Subject to availability in our serviced offices in Manchester and London, we can often provide additional room on-site, allowing you to spread out into an extra office on the same floor or elsewhere in the building.

This is especially useful if you are unable to allow your employees to work from home, so if you are interested in renting some extra space, please check with us as soon as possible so we can help you get your new rooms ready before staff return from furlough.

Our premises are located close to important business districts like Manchester city centre, MediaCityUK and Salford Quays, as well as the Isle of Dogs and nearby Canary Wharf.

But we have always avoided the most crowded areas, preferring to give our clients some open space and, where possible, views across open water – all of which is particularly important for the foreseeable future.

How virtual offices can help

If you are able to allow employees to work from home, or if you’d prefer to work from home yourself during this time, we can provide seamless virtual office services in Manchester and London.

Essentially this means that although you don’t come into the office in person, you can still be contacted at your usual physical business address.

This is a service we provide anyway, and it’s great for start-up businesses that don’t need physical premises or for sole traders who can easily work from a home office or spare room.

But for obvious reasons it’s taken on new meaning in 2020, following a huge uptick in people working from home almost overnight.

Let us know if you need to know more about our virtual offices in Manchester and London, which can give you the professional appearance of a physical presence in key urban centres, without having to travel on crowded public transport or have all of your staff based in the office in person.

Enjoy a clean Coronavirus commute with serviced offices in London

The newly emerging concept of a ‘COVID-secure workplace’ is not just about social distancing in offices, but also includes some important hygiene considerations.

From the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, the number one message has been to wash your hands, and that still serves as a summary of many of the measures we can all take to protect ourselves and our employees against the virus.

Thanks to our own careful planning, our serviced offices in London and Manchester already cater for the additional demands of COVID-19 workplace hygiene and are ready for immediate use.

Top tips for Coronavirus hygiene in offices

It’s important to check the latest government guidance before making any decisions that could affect Coronavirus hygiene in offices.

But based on the current situation, here are a few top tips you might want to keep in mind when putting in place staff policies for the next few months or more.

  • Hand washing: Still the most important way to reduce COVID-19 risk, regular hand washing with soap destroys the lipid layer that holds the virus cell together.
  • Surface cleaning: Surfaces that might hold live virus cells are known as ‘fomites’ and regular sanitising can help to remove those cells and reduce COVID-19 risk in the workplace.
  • Fresh air: Virus cells disperse more quickly in open air. You can help to achieve this in offices using good ventilation and by letting as much fresh air as possible into the room.

Make sure staff are engaged with your Coronavirus mitigation methods, whether that means you need to provide some specific health and safety training, or just remind them of when they should wash their hands and wipe down their desk.

A COVID-clean Coronavirus commute

Social distancing is difficult on public transport, including the London Underground and Manchester Metrolink, so more of us are being encouraged to commute by car, bicycle or on foot.

Obviously your ability to walk to work depends on how far away you live, but it’s a good reason to be out of the house for longer on sunny days.

We provide cycle racks at our serviced offices in London and Manchester, so if you’d like to arrive to work that way, we should be able to accommodate you with a secure place to park.

And our on-site washrooms mean you can get cleaned up on arrival, so whether you get caught in bad weather en route, or you just want to thoroughly wash your hands, face and body before starting your day or travelling home, we have the facilities you need.

Working with you

This is undoubtedly a challenging time for many businesses and office workers, made all the more complicated by the ever-changing guidance on who can go to work, where and when.

It’s unlikely to end within a matter of weeks, so we will be working with all of our clients to accommodate changing needs wherever possible.

From COVID-secure meeting rooms in London and Manchester, to spacious serviced offices for social distancing at work, we are doing everything we can to help you meet and exceed your safety obligations so your staff can return to work and stay there.