Serviced Office Company opens new Business Centre in London

Many of our clients old and new need some extra space as we move through the second half of 2020, so we are proud to present our newly opened Business Centre in London’s Millennium Quarter that has a BREEAM rating of ‘Excellent’.

The new premises at Millharbour Court are just a short distance away from our Pepper Street serviced offices on the Isle of Dogs, adjacent to Canary Wharf.

It’s a key location that puts our clients in prime position for access to Tower Hamlets’ thriving business district, as well as giving you a highly sought-after address to use when representing your company nationwide and internationally.

We have worked hard to create a shared office space that caters for commuters, client co-working and collaboration in communal areas, while also providing privacy when it is needed.

What you’ll find at Millharbour Court

Millharbour Court features a variety of areas to encourage productivity and collaboration, as well as to allow you to entertain visitors in comfort:

  • A waiting area in reception for guests to take a seat until you are ready for them.
  • An open-plan communal area for co-working with a number of tables and booths.
  • Spacious kitchen areas and breakout zones for relaxation, hydration and meal breaks.
  • A private outdoor terrace with seating and planters to connect with nature.
  • Cycle hubs, secure lockers and shower rooms for a healthy and hygienic commute.

Together, this all gives you contemporary office space that helps to reduce stress levels and boost your own innovation, while making your work day more comfortable.

Crucially for the current climate, we have ensured there are plenty of places to work while observing social distancing and the other demands of a COVID-secure workplace, but still benefiting from all the features of a modern working environment.

Doubling up

Millharbour Court joins Pepper Street as our second business centre on the Isle of Dogs, doubling our clients’ options for serviced offices and meeting rooms in London.

In the north-west, we also have two locations for serviced offices and meeting rooms in Manchester, both based in Salford Quays adjacent to MediaCityUK and Manchester city centre.

We choose all our serviced office locations carefully to meet local demand, to give our tenants a prestigious postcode for their office stationery, and to ensure easy arrival into work each day via car, bicycle, public transport or on foot.

In addition, we provide virtual offices in London and Manchester at the same physical addresses, allowing you to work remotely while still gaining professional contact details and reception services – and with meeting rooms available to hire on-site when you need them.

Find out more

If you would like to know more about our serviced offices, meeting rooms and virtual offices in Manchester and London, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

To find out more about our new Business Centre at Millharbour Court, give us a call. We can arrange an in-person viewing if you would like to see our new facilities for yourself, in order to decide whether to take occupancy.

Cut office costs in the post-COVID era

Under normal circumstances, decisions relating to the workplace can be driven by a desire to cut office costs and maximise profits; however, the immediate post-COVID era is far from being the ideal scenario.

With concerns about potential future waves of the Coronavirus pandemic, office managers face a challenge to balance the need to cut office costs with an obligation to uphold levels of corporate social responsibility.

Factors like social distancing and employee hygiene affect the amount of space each workstation needs, the layout of desks, and the accessibility of important office amenities like bathrooms, kitchen areas and breakout rooms.

Writing in Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, Lee D Parker of RMIT University in Melbourne and the University of Glasgow explains: “COVID-19 has induced a transition to teleworking, impending office design and configuration reversals and office working protocol re-engineering.

“Management strategies reflect prioritisation choices between occupational health and safety versus financial returns.”

Office design as a way to cut office costs

The research paper notes that many innovative office designs of recent years have doubled as a way to cut office costs.

“This historic trend will be tested by a pandemic, which calls for control of its spread, including radical changes to the office at potentially significant cost,” the author adds.

For office managers, the challenge is to cater for any necessary changes, while minimising the costs associated with doing so.

Serviced offices are an excellent way to achieve this. By their nature, they are flexible spaces that can be reconfigured easily to suit different layouts of desks, workstations and seating positions.

Our open-plan serviced offices in London and Manchester allow you to do that, with different sizes of office available to meet your needs, while still giving you privacy from other occupants of the building.

We are ready to work with all our occupants on any necessary COVID-secure precautions, including changes that may become necessary as we move beyond the initial wave of COVID-19 in the UK.

Flexible serviced offices for changing needs

Our serviced offices in London and Manchester are in key locations, adjacent to Canary Wharf and MediaCityUK, and give your employees a choice of ways to commute, including by bicycle to avoid public transport if necessary.

We provide washrooms on-site for maximum hygiene and we welcome different ways to configure your office space, for example to avoid employees working face-to-face for extended periods.

In addition, we also offer virtual offices in Manchester and London, which mean you can use the same postal address and other geographic contact details for a workforce based at home or any other location of your choice.

For companies adopting a more remote approach to working, our virtual offices in Manchester and London are an ideal first step while still offering professional contact details.

To find out more or to discuss any of your organisation’s needs arising from COVID-19, or at any point in the future as things continue to return to more normality, please get in touch and we will be happy to accommodate you in one of our serviced offices in London or Manchester.