1. Booking Details

1.1 Provisional Stage Clients wishing to make a provision booking, or in the initial stages of booking meeting rooms will be sent an initial email explaining that the booking can be provisionally made or ‘penciled in’ if the client responds in the positive on email.

At this stage (where communication is by phone or by email alone and no signature or payment has been provided) the booking remains provisional only.

1.2 Confirmed Stage Clients wishing to make a definite booking, or in the process of doing so, will be sent an event booking form to complete and return.

This event booking form must be signed and returned by fax or email to confirm the booking.

1.3 SOC reserves the right to release – without communication – any booking where no confirmed booking (with signed booking contract accepting the Terms & Conditions of business, as outlined in Clause 1.2) or no email confirmation/provisional booking (as outlined in Clause 1.1) exists.

1.4 Provisional bookings will be held for 48 hours unless otherwise pre-agreed/stated and will be released without notice to the enquiring company unless otherwise pre-agreed/stated.

1.5 SOC reserves the right, without prior notice, to change any aspect of the booking in the event of circumstances outside of their control.

1.6 VAT is chargeable on all Meeting Room services. All list prices are quoted excluding VAT.

1.7 SOC reserves the right to refuse bookings for any activities that it considers to be illegal, offensive, or that it considers would bring SOC’s name, tenants name, or location names or reputations into disrepute.

2. Additional Items (inc AV)

2.1 Complimentary refreshments (limited to tea, coffee, and filtered water and upon a self service basis from the Break Out area only) are included in the room hire rate. Complimentary refreshments are only to be provided for the number of guests attending the meeting and are capped at the maximum capacity of the meeting room.

2.2 The Client and/or the Client’s guests may not bring any external food or beverages into SOC meeting rooms for its own or its guests’ consumption on the premises.

2.3 All other additional items (to include catering, AV, staffing, room layout) must be ordered by the Client, in writing, no later than 48 hours prior to the booked date. Availability of additional items requested beyond this point cannot be guaranteed by SOC and, in the event that they can be provided, may be subject to a premium.

2.4 AV (LCD & 6ft screen, 50” plasma) available as complimentary on the basis of being subject to availability (limited stock), and one item per room. Should the equipment you request at the time of booking not be available at the time of confirmation, or should your requirements be additional or more specific items (inc specific furniture hire items such as lecterns etc) then SOC will provide these at additional cost. Clients are free to bring in their own AV items, however SOC cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage.

2.5 The provision of supplementary power/data cables is without charge, however any items not returned at the end of the booking shall be recharged to the client at £15 each.

2.6 Flip chart/Write on walls (depending upon location) and pens available as complimentary, subject to availability, and one per room.

2.7 Clients will also find the Meeting Room to be equip with stationery & pads.

2.8 No items to be hung on/stuck to the walls unless using white tack (provided upon request by SOC).

2.9a Any damage caused to walls, furniture, flooring, equipment, windows etc to the room, suite or common areas, caused by the Client, their Guests, or Agents, shall be recharged to the Client.

2.9b SOC can accept no responsibility or liability for loss or damage to any items brought onto the premises by the Client, their Guests or Agents. SOC can accept no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage suffered to Clients’, Clients’ Guest’s or Clients’ Agents’ items (including vehicles and their contents) whilst visiting Exchange Quay. SOC can accept no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage caused to property or persons belonging to Exchange Quay Management, occupants, or visitors, by Clients, Clients’ Guests or Clients’ Agents whilst visiting Exchange Quay.

3. Hours of Availability

3.1 SOC meeting rooms may be booked for/are operated between the hours of

9.00am-5.00pm Monday to Friday, subject to availability (NB. Excluding Bank Holidays)

3.2 Requests for bookings which fall outside of these core hours will be considered, but cannot be guaranteed. In the event that they can be accommodated, there will be a staffing charge made.

3.3 A minimum of 48 hours’ notice must be given for all bookings outside of the hours stated in Clause 3.1.

4. Payment Terms/New Clients

4.1 Room hire and all additional items (to include catering) are payable by credit card or BACS in full at the time of booking. Additional/Extra Items ordered/requested on the day of the booking will be charged for within 48 hours, with payment being taken from the same card or by BACS at the end of the booking/day.

4.2 SOC reserves the right to cancel any event without notice if any event costs are outstanding less than 2 working days/48 hours prior to the event date.

5. Payment Terms/Returning Clients

5.1 An invoice will be sent to The Client by SOC prior to the event. Full payment should reach SOC by credit card or BACS, no later than 2 weeks from the date of invoice, and no less than 48 hours before the event.

5.2 SOC reserves the right to refuse to accept further bookings from Existing/Returning Clients until full payment for previous events has been received by SOC.

5.3 SOC reserves the right to cancel any event without notice if any event costs are outstanding two working days/ 48 hours prior to the event date.



6. Cancellation Charges

In the event of The Client wishing to cancel a booking, the following cancellation charges (together with any other external costs – catering, furniture hire, AV hire, staffing, supplies) incurred by SOC as a result of the Client’s cancellation) will be payable:


Within % of the Total Booking Value
1 calendar month 25%
10 working days 50%
2 working days/48 hours 100%


7. Property / Security

7.1 All premises are a no smoking buildings.

7.2 Except to the extent that liability cannot be validly excluded or limited in law, SOC shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising in any way out of any breach of these terms and conditions or out of The Client’s (or The Client’s guests’) use of the premises.

7.3 The Client agrees to accept full responsibility for all damages to decoration, carpeting, fixtures and fittings, which may occur whilst The Client or its guests are on the premises.

7.4 The Client must provide SOC with a full list of named attendees, no later than 48 hours prior to the event.

7.5 SOC reserves the right to refuse entry to attendees whose names are not on the list provided by The Client.

7.6 Each attendee must check in at the main reception desk on arrival.

7.7 The Client agrees to accept full responsibility for key fobs, of which a limited number will be allocated to the event organizer. Fobs must be returned at the end of the booking/each day as applicable. Fobs lost or damaged will incur the Client a minimum cost of £20 each.