Are you fed up with using offices that have shocking chairs and ending up with back ache? Well, Jo Blood at Posture People helped us produce a practical guide to good posture and improving your office chair.


“In my previous life as an Account Director for a marketing agency, we frequently had freelancers in a variety of roles, but the one aspect that never changed was whenever a freelancer was due in, they were invariably allocated the worst chair in the entire office.

No matter how bad the chair is, it is always worth having a bit of a play around to see if there are any adjustments that you can alter to improve your sitting position to promote good posture.

Here is Posture People’s quick run down of how to improve your office chair:

  1. To be at the right height for sitting at the desk, your arms need to be at a comfortable right angle – so, see if you can alter the office chair to get to the right height.
  2. When your arms are at the right height, your feet also need to be on the floor or a footrest
  3. When you are sitting on the office chair always sit at the very back of the chair, supported by the backrest (unless it’s broken – then it’s worth having a bit of a moan).

Here’s a few if’s and but’s:

  • If you find that the office chair doesn’t come up high enough it’s worth looking at a cushion to sit on or invest in a sitting wedge (an angled cushion that will help promote a better sitting posture).
  • If when you are sitting at the right height your feet aren’t firmly on the floor, then you need a footrest, if they don’t have one in the office grab a couple of telephone directories and ‘blue peter’ yourself one.
  • You always need to be able to get three flat fingers between the back of your knees and the start of the seat.  If the chair comes right up to your knees, you need to put a cushion on the back of the chair or get a separate back support cushion that you can put on the chair.”


Of course at Serviced Office Company we ensure that all our chairs are comfortable and good for your posture because as a freelancer, if you can’t work because you’ve backache then it will cost you money. However, if you suffer from back pains it may even be worth investing in a portable kit that you can take around with you –   more advice can be found on .

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