We spend a lot of time researching new office styles and equipment, along the way we’ve come across some amazing office gadgets. In case you need to buy someone a last minute birthday present of simply fancy treating yourself, we thought we’d share some of our favourites here the Serviced Office Company blog:

The office basket ball hoop

This miniature basketball hoop is designed to be held on office doors or cubicle walls and features spring-loaded rim to encourage some miniature slam dunks! To ensure the office health and safety manager has nothing to worry about the backboard is made from shatter proof glass.

The perfect gift for the IT support team or office geek! The motherboard pencil holder is made from recycled computer boards stuck together to hold pencils and other stationary.

The spillage preventing cup holder

If there’s anyone in your office who longs for the days of Windows 95 and 3.5 inch floppy disks then this could the perfect gift for them. These cleverly designed post-it notes are designed to look exactly like old floppy disks. Although these will be perfect for jotting down phone numbers and snippets of information they won’t be any use at storing computer files or drivers!

In most offices we’ve been to there’s usually always at least one clumsy person who always manages to knock over drinks on important documents and equipment. If you know someone like this in your office then this spillage preventing cup holder could be perfect for them.

The bottom of the cup holder features a strong sucker that attaches itself to the desk, with the cup safely placed inside the holder it’s impossible, for even the most least self-aware person, to knock it over.

All gadgets from Coolest-Gadgets.com

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