A recent survey by CareerBuilder.com has found that romance is flourishing in Canadian offices! The survey found that 31% of Canadian workers claimed they had dated someone they worked with at least once in their career. A further 11% said they had been romantically involved with a co-worker on two occasions during their working lives.

The website attributed the high number of co-worker romances to factors like the poor economy which has increased the hours many people are spending at work.

They also said negative connotations attached to workplace romances are being eroded, “Workplace relationships no longer carry the stigma they once did, as 34 per cent of workers said they aren’t keeping their romance a secret. However, it is the responsibility of the individuals to understand company policy and make sure they adhere to it.” Rosemary Haefner, CareerBuilder.

As a company that operates serviced offices we probably spend more time in different workplaces than most so we were delighted to hear the news! Fingers the trend will migrate to this side of the Atlantic!

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