Serviced meeting rooms are a handy way to get some space when you need it to hold job interviews, investor meetings, training seminars and other occasional business events.

But how many people can you fit in a serviced meeting room? If you’ve hired meeting rooms from other providers in the past, you might be used to cramped surroundings where you can barely fit past the other occupants’ chairs.

Serviced Office Company meeting rooms are very different from that grim picture, providing you with a choice of capacity to suit the event you have planned, in spacious, comfortably furnished and completely private rooms.

One on One

For intimate meetings, our smallest meeting rooms are ideal for anywhere from two to four people and are available on an hourly basis – perfect for a job interview or for one or more short sessions with employees.

All meeting room clients also get access to our breakout spaces – less formal areas where you can continue the conversation, so if you run out of time, it doesn’t have to mean the end of your session.

These areas are also available to tenants of our serviced office space, making them a great place to meet fellow entrepreneurs and potentially capitalise on networking opportunities.

Medium-Sized Groups

For medium-sized groups, our ten-person boardroom style meeting rooms are available, giving you a little more space to carry out team meetings or to get all of your managers together in one place.

These are also good areas to hold recruitment days for groups of candidates or to host any visitors who arrive en masse for any reason.

Airy and with attractive views of the surrounding area, these rented meeting rooms are very much not a compromise over our even larger facilities mentioned below.

Conferences and Board Meetings

For the largest groups, we have serviced conference room and boardroom facilities with even greater capacity and a range of equipment to help your session or seminar run smoothly.

Take our Exchange Quay meeting room facilities in Manchester as an example:

  • 30-person boardroom or 70-person theatre-style rooms.
  • Available on half-day and full-day hire.
  • Complimentary refreshments included.
  • LCD projector or plasma screen in each room.
  • Additional audiovisual equipment available to hire.

As with all of our serviced offices and meeting rooms in Manchester and London, these spaces come fully furnished with designer office furniture, so your guests should feel comfortable even over the course of a full-day meeting.

What size meeting room do I need?

As you may have guessed, it really depends on the number of people you expect to attend; however, there’s nothing to stop you from choosing a ten-person boardroom-style space for smaller meetings.

While we have made sure every room has sufficient space and comfortable furnishings, ‘trading up’ in this way can help to make a statement to your visitors, as well as giving everyone a little extra breathing space.

If you’re still not sure what size meeting room to hire, just get in touch and let us know what you have planned, and we will be happy to advise on the right size of rented meeting room space for what you need.

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