We all see articles with headlines like “new year, new you” urging you to give yourself a fashion makeover or get in shape as the new year gets underway – but virtual offices can achieve the same for your business with a minimum of effort and expense.

When you open a new virtual office, you get the benefits of a postal address in a prime location, without the inconvenience of having to physically move there.

That means you can continue to work from home, or wherever you currently go to get your work done.

Virtual offices give you the best of both worlds – contact details you can put on all of your business communications to put across the right professional image, but also the flexibility to choose where you actually want to be on a daily basis.

Virtual offices with physical meeting rooms

One problem with some virtual office services is that there is no physical space available if you ever need to meet a client at ‘your’ address in person.

With the Serviced Office Company however, we have physical meeting rooms available on-site that you can book as and when you need some space.

That means that although your virtual office address does not come with physical office space as standard, there are rooms that you can book if you do ever want to be able to welcome clients, investors or anyone else at the address on your letterhead or business card.

In this way, having a virtual office does not leave you without a way to meet people at your chosen location, as you can have a physical presence there at any time just by booking a room.

A new lease of life for your business

All of this means that you can have a virtual office in a desirable location, with the option of hiring some physical space there if and when you need to.

With the Serviced Office Company, that allows you to have a business address in Manchester, Salford Quays or a stone’s throw from Canary Wharf in London.

Your address will be a virtual office in the sense that you do not normally have physical rooms on the premises, but it is real in terms of being able to receive mail to your postal address, and so on.

And the availability of on-site meeting rooms makes it even more real when it comes to meeting important business contacts face to face.

So if you feel as though your business is being held back by trading from a residential address, a less desirable location, or just from somewhere that doesn’t look professional from the outside, a virtual office could be the answer to your needs to get the new year off to a more profitable start.

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