Serviced offices could give you the opportunity you need to grow your self-employed business in the new year, providing a place where you can hit the ground running during a crucial phase in the self-employed business calendar.

Before Christmas, we looked at how virtual offices can help new businesses to get set up, while giving a legitimate, fully serviced professional address in a prime location for correspondence.

Virtual offices are good if you already have somewhere to work from, if you work from home, if you travel around a lot, or if your job doesn’t need its own premises at all.

But if you do need a place to work, serviced offices are the sensible next step to help grow a self-employed business in the new year, or at any time.

Why is the new year important for self-employed businesses?

A new calendar year is naturally a common time to think about making some changes – especially if you’re self-employed and want to grow your business as part of personal New Year’s resolutions relating to money.

The end of January also brings the self-assessment tax deadline, making it a good time to take stock of how your business is performing and what changes you can make to prosper more in the new year.

And in April, a new tax year begins – giving you a window of opportunity between New Year’s and the springtime to get your business affairs into better order.

How do serviced offices help grow self-employed businesses?

Virtual offices give you a front for your self-employed business, a professional address to trade from and legitimate contact details in a desirable postcode area.

Serviced offices give you all of this and back-office services too, with furnished office space ready to occupy immediately, supported by meeting rooms to hire and informal breakout spaces for chats and relaxation.

You’re no longer stuck holding professional meetings in the local coffee shop – although with plenty of amenities located close to our serviced offices in Manchester and London, you still have that option too!

Why choose serviced offices for my self-employed business?

If you’re looking for your first physical office space – whether you’ve used a virtual office until now, or simply traded from your home address – there’s plenty to recommend serviced offices for a self-employed business.

As well as getting all of the on-site facilities and the option of office space with an immediate start date, your new office simply gives you an environment conducive to productivity, and away from your home.

It’s often this separation of work from home life that helps self-employed individuals to strike a better balance, while shutting out the distractions you can face in a home office, from noisy neighbours to visits from the gas man.

This can make serviced offices the best first step for a self-employed business owner targeting bigger growth as the new year progresses – and there’s arguably no better time to make that move than when the calendar is still just one page old.

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