Our Manchester meeting rooms and serviced offices are the perfect way to make sure you arrive at work in presentable condition, especially if you have a big meeting to prepare for.

With desirable locations for meeting rooms in MediaCity on Clippers Quay and the adjacent Exchange Quay for meeting rooms in Manchester’s M5 postcode, we provide our clients with well-appointed spaces to welcome high-profile visitors and investors.

And we go the extra mile to make sure you can present yourself at your best too, from your morning commute right through to the moment you meet and greet your guests.

Whatever the weather

First of all, let’s be optimistic – following a hot and sunny summer in 2018, it’s possible that the coming months of 2019 and subsequent summers in the years ahead will set new records too.

That can lead to some uncomfortable conditions in some workplaces, but in our Manchester serviced offices and meeting rooms, we have taken precautions against the hottest days.

We let in plenty of natural light, but we also have energy-efficient HVAC systems in place for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

This means you are able to control the temperature of your workspace safe in the knowledge that the air-con is powered by green electricity and any carbon emissions are fully offset.

Ready for rainy days

On rainy days – which are not unusual in a Manchester summer – we’ve also got you covered.

Both Exchange Quay and Clippers Quay are just a short walk from the nearest Metrolink stop, so if you’re arriving by tram you won’t be out in the elements for long.

Manchester serviced offices tenants also have access to shower rooms and changing areas, so you are welcome to freshen up on arrival if you have been caught out in the rain unprepared.

Together this all makes it easier to present yourself well to visitors, while crucially it also helps to make sure your guests can arrive in comfort when visiting our meeting rooms in Manchester and MediaCity.

Future-proof workplaces

We don’t know what weather the years ahead will bring. Global warming puts more energy into the atmosphere, and that can mean more erratic and extreme weather conditions.

By committing to green energy and carbon offsetting now, we are doing our part to avoid the most extreme outlook, while also giving all of our tenants the facilities you need to cope with inclement weather at any time of year.

That might mean a wet and muddy commute by car or tram, or a hot and sweaty bike ride into work – however you choose to arrive, we can help you to clean off and cool off before that big meeting.

To find out more about our serviced offices and meeting rooms in Manchester and MediaCity, please don’t hesitate to contact Serviced Office Company on 0800 319 6600 or by email to info@servicedofficecompany.co.uk.

You can also look up both of our Manchester/MediaCity meeting rooms using the following postcodes:

Clippers House (Clippers Quay, MediaCity) – M50 3XP

Imperial Court (Exchange Quay, Manchester) – M5 3EB

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