More and more people are choosing to live and work as ‘digital nomads’ and with services like virtual offices and meeting rooms, you can do just that.

Digital nomads enjoy a work-life balance that comes from the ability to travel around and work from wherever they go.

In fact, in a recently published article in World Leisure Journal, Marko Orel from the University of Economics in Prague noted that they are often mistaken for tourists because they can be out and about in the daytime instead of hidden away in a workplace.

He wrote: “Digital nomads seem thrilled by the relativization of geographical distances made possible by working virtually from any location.

“However, it appears that they still tend to use similar workplace infrastructures regardless of the geographical area of their stay.”

Go nomad with a virtual office address

A virtual office address allows you to keep the same business contact details even if you decide to travel around.

Your virtual office address is tied to a physical Serviced Office Company building in London, Manchester or MediaCityUK.

When a client wants to contact you, they can write or call and we will forward their communication seamlessly on to you.

Virtual offices give you an outward appearance of professionalism and a permanent presence in your target market, even when you are physically located somewhere many miles away.

Make contact with meeting rooms

If you ever need to meet face to face with clients, customers and other business contacts, our meeting rooms give you the ability to do just that.

You can hire meeting rooms ad hoc so if you don’t hold many meetings, you don’t have to pay for a room that you hardly ever use.

Best of all, because the meeting rooms are located in the same Serviced Office Company building as your virtual office address, this gives you a seamless physical presence using your usual contact details.

Come home to serviced office space

Finally, if you decide to take a break from travelling around, serviced office space is a great way to establish a physical workplace quickly and easily.

Again we have serviced office space in Manchester, MediaCityUK and London, so you can set up in the north-west or south-east, whichever you prefer.

That means you can make full use of the digital nomad lifestyle to test the waters in both parts of the country – with virtual office addresses in both the north and south to see where your biggest market is based.

And then, once you have decided which region works best for you or which you would most like to live in, you’re ready to make the switch from a virtual office address to physical serviced office space without having to change your business cards and letterheads.

Of course there’s no reason why you have to settle down in one place – with virtual offices and physical meeting rooms available when you need them, you can live the digital nomad lifestyle for as long as you choose.

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