There’s plenty of advice about keeping good posture while sitting at a desk all day, but serviced offices help you to avoid becoming too sedentary by giving you plenty of opportunity to move around throughout the day.

In recent weeks we’ve looked at the option to cycle to work or arrive on public transport, both of which help to keep you more mobile than simply sitting behind the wheel of a car on your morning and evening commute.

But you’re likely to spend about ten times longer at work than you spend on your commute, so anything you can do to keep mobile in the workplace can have a big impact too.

Our on-site facilities in our serviced offices in Manchester and London give you a choice of different ways to get up and stretch your legs, as well as some much-needed thinking time away from your computer screen.

Get refreshed

One of the most obvious options is to visit the kitchen facilities for a snack or drink – which has the added benefit of giving you extra energy or hydration when you need it most.

With on-site kitchen areas in our serviced offices in London and Manchester, refreshments are right there when you need them, even if it’s just an excuse to take a screen break and stand up for a while.

All of our supplied office furniture is ergonomically designed by recognised brand names in the business, but as comfortable as you might be at your desk, it’s always good to change position once in a while.

To enable this, we also provide informal breakout rooms where you can again take a few minutes away from your screen to enjoy a comfy seat and perhaps catch up with some of your fellow entrepreneurs from elsewhere in our serviced office space.

Keep in touch

Our breakout rooms are not only for relaxing; they are also equipped with telephones in case you want to place an important call to a client in a more comfortable environment.

We also have serviced meeting rooms available in all of our locations, again equipped with ergonomically designed office furniture, so if you’re meeting face-to-face with clients, candidates or investors, you can do it in comfortable surroundings.

They say a change is as good as a break, and this is certainly true when spending a stretch of time in one position, so we encourage all of our patrons to make full use of all of our facilities and relax those muscles throughout the course of the working day.

Doing so can avoid aches and pains, which in turn can help you feel fresher and less tired towards the end of the work day, especially if you remember to stay hydrated too.

With the new year underway, we know many people will be aiming for a healthier lifestyle, and you might be surprised by the impact it can have just by getting away from your desk for a few short periods to recharge your mental and physical batteries.

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