If you’re a small business that makes use of flexible workplaces like serviced offices, meeting rooms for hire and virtual offices, you could be sitting on a competitive advantage just waiting to be unlocked.

According to the Small Report, an analysis of UK SMEs published in February 2020 by Small Business Britain, flexible workplaces are one thing start-up companies should be shouting about.

The report includes a checklist of opportunities for small businesses to tap into, and makes flexible workplaces an item in their own right.

“Showcase your good work,” the checklist advises. “As a small business, you are likely creating a flexible workplace for yourself and others and looking after your staff and the local community.

“Start telling others about the great work you do and make this a competitive advantage.”

How flexible workspace supports staff

A flexible workspace like our serviced offices in London and Manchester provides several ways to support the wellbeing of your employees.

We provide kitchen facilities so staff can get refreshments throughout the day, as well as breakout rooms where they can relax in comfort while away from their desks.

Our meeting rooms in Manchester and London can be booked as and when you need them, giving staff some private space for meetings, interviews and training sessions.

And as your business grows, you can scale up your workspace too by expanding into available office space in the same building.

This all means your employees benefit from comfortably furnished, brightly decorated office interiors with all of the space and equipment they need to get their job done to a high standard.

Greet your supply chain in flexible meeting rooms

Our flexible meeting rooms for hire in Manchester and London are not only for internal meetings; they can also be used to host visitors from your external supply chain, including suppliers and customers alike.

They give you a private place to negotiate future arrangements and sign contracts, or just to catch up on progress with your key clients whose custom is crucial to the ongoing growth of your organisation.

You don’t face continuing running costs for this space. It’s just there when you need it, subject to availability, and when you book a meeting room in advance we can make sure it’s all set up and ready for your event to begin on time.

What else do you need?

If you have clear ideas about what your small business needs from your workspace in order to thrive, we want to hear them so we can let you know if our serviced offices in London and Manchester already cater to your needs, or if we can do so easily in the future.

We are proud of all the SMEs who have used our serviced offices as a way to get off the ground while keeping premises overheads to a minimum, and we look forward to supporting many more of Britain’s small businesses in their early stages in the years to come.

That’s not to say you have to be a new start-up to benefit from the flexible workspace of serviced offices; many of our tenants stay for the long term and continue to enjoy the advantages of all the on-site amenities we provide.

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