Working from home has been a growing trend in recent years but the events of 2020 have required many people to adopt an even more flexible approach to the way they do business.

If you have been surprised by your ability to work productively from home, a virtual office in London or Manchester could be an ideal long-term solution as we all start to get back to work.

Virtual offices give you a physical address and geographic landline telephone number in a desirable location like central London, Manchester city centre or Salford Quays.

A professional postcode helps to put the right impression across to your clients – even while you work from your home office or kitchen table.

No need for physical premises?

For some people, virtual offices in Manchester and London are a way to have a physical address when you don’t need any premises.

This might be because your business is mobile or because you travel a lot, simply working from the nearest available internet connection or sending out products from any local post office.

There are many different reasons why you might not need an office to work from, but still want a professional postal address and telephone number – virtual offices are the answer to those seemingly contradictory needs.

Ready to return to work?

We are currently living in uncertain times, as social distancing measures are likely to affect the way we work for several months to come. However, things will gradually return to more normality.

By using a virtual office in London or Manchester, you can achieve some continuity. At this time when more people are working from home, you get all of the benefits already mentioned above.

As we move beyond social distancing, in-person meetings can start to take place again. Whenever that happens, we have meeting rooms in Manchester and London ready to hire as and when you need them.

Importantly, our meeting rooms are located at the same addresses as our virtual offices – so again, you get some crucial continuity as your business returns to normal.

Transition from virtual to physical office space

Finally, if you expect to need physical office space in the future, but are not yet ready to take that leap, a virtual office address is an excellent stepping stone.

It allows you to test the water, to identify your local market in the area around your office address – you could even have virtual offices in London and Manchester to give you a presence in both the north and the south.

As your business grows, and especially if you find you are holding more face-to-face meetings in the future, we have serviced offices available at our premises, so you can make a smooth transition from virtual to physical office space when the time is right.

If you would like to know more about virtual offices and how they can give you professional contact details while you continue to work from home, please get in touch and we will be happy to help you decide which of our locations would be best for your business.

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