Modern office design, including open-plan serviced offices, owes many of its principles to the German movement of the 1950s known as Bürolandschaft.

The word translates directly into English as ‘Office Landscape’ and represents a period during which, instead of being designed to house individuals in isolation, office interiors were redesigned to enhance the flow of information between colleagues.

In a paper presented to the 28th International Conference on Industry, Engineering, and Management Science in March 2022, Andrew Couch and Sherri Messimer of the University of Alabama in Huntsville explained the history of the trend.

“Employees desired for office spaces to place a central focus in the strategic design process on the flow of information in the workplace,” they write. “In turn, companies adapted and these changes still hold influence on office layouts to this day.”

3 Features of Bürolandschaft

In the paper, they outline three main factors that define Bürolandschaft office interiors. These are:

High Utilisation of Space

Open-plan offices do not give each individual an isolated room or cubicle, but instead give employees a semi-private area often in close proximity to their co-workers, facilitating the faster and easier sharing of information.

Universal Workspace

To an extent, all parts of the open-plan office are communal. Teams form naturally as required by the work they do, the space is more visually consistent as it is not broken up by enclosed personal spaces, and the workplace adapts when different numbers of employees are present.

Communal Spaces

Aside from the semi-private workspaces of individual employees, open-plan workspaces lend themselves to true communal areas, which no individual worker perceives as belonging to them specifically.

Why are Serviced Offices Good for Bürolandschaft?

One of the challenges of Bürolandschaft arises from that lack of perceived ownership, which can lead individuals to neglect communal spaces – nobody wants to take on the responsibility of cleaning up, to put it simply.

Serviced offices overcome this by giving you and your workforce access to managed communal areas, including kitchen facilities, comfortable breakout rooms, communal hallways and foyers, and meeting rooms for hire when required.

By taking communal space as part of your serviced office space, you remove the need to assign individuals to manage it – and can instead just ask employees to treat the space with a reasonable amount of respect!

Tap Into the Bürolandschaft Trend

If you’re intrigued by the potential of Bürolandschaft for your business, serviced offices are an excellent way to explore open-plan workplaces with convenient communal areas that can help to keep your workers relaxed and refuelled – both mentally and by suitable food and drink – throughout the working week.

Our meeting rooms for hire in London, Manchester and Telford mean you can get genuine privacy when you need to discuss something sensitive or confidential, or when you want to avoid distractions e.g. during a job interview or stakeholder meeting.

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