It’s good to stay connected, and recent research shows that many of the features of our serviced offices in Telford, Manchester and London match those of a healthier workplace with healthier employees.

A study in the March 2022 issue of Building and Environment looked at different office layouts, such as private offices, shared offices and open-plan offices.

The researchers measured features like ‘connectivity’ – the availability of lots of different ways to move around the workplace – and compared these with the amount of time employees spent in a sedentary position.

In their conclusions, they wrote: “Participation in work-related physical activity was positively associated with local and overall connectivity in open-plan offices.”

“There was also a positive association between participation in work-related physical activity and local connectivity in shared offices,” they added.

What is office connectivity?

In this sense, connectivity is not about internet access or telecoms – it’s about how easily workers can move around the space:

  • Local connectivity is the number of routes between parts of the office, good access to hallways and kitchen facilities.
  • Overall connectivity is the number of routes to reach meeting rooms, toilets and the main entrance into the building.

Serviced offices cater for connectivity well, with open-plan areas that can be configured to suit your needs, and plenty of on-site facilities that enable employees to take healthy breaks without harming productivity.

With meeting rooms for hire on-premises too, your serviced offices have even more versatility when you need a little more space, and somewhere more formal than a comfy and casual breakout room.

How does connectivity help?

Connectivity is what makes offices usable and comfortable, without a feeling of claustrophobia for employees once they are seated at their workstation.

Modern open-plan serviced offices are more connected than ever – our Millharbour Court Business Centre in Canary Wharf is a prime example, with offices containing up to 22 desks, cosy breakout spaces with coffeemaking facilities, meeting rooms for hire and bright, airy co-working space.

Meanwhile our St James House serviced offices in Telford are our biggest premises yet, spanning over 50,000 square feet in the leafy surroundings of Central Park.

All of this means when employees need a break from their desk, they have options, without leaving the building – bringing them back faster, feeling more refreshed, and in better long-term physical health.

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