A good-looking office is more than just a pretty place, and can have a material impact on your ability to attract and retain top talent, according to a new study.

The research, published in the March 2022 edition of Employee Relations, proposes that “workplace aesthetics acts as a driver for job choice when included with an employment offer”.

In essence, this means that if your company is based in a visually appealing building, candidates are more likely to accept a job offer.

While aesthetics has long been associated with employee satisfaction, the researchers say their study is the first to look at office aesthetics “as a component of job-offer choice”.

What they studied

The research compared a total of six different factors influencing candidates’ decision to accept or reject a job offer, including three aesthetics and three non-aesthetics.

After examining these, the researchers estimated their significance in the candidate’s overall decision, and found that aesthetics had a measurable impact on the outcome.

“The results indicate that aesthetic attributes in the workplace can be equally important in the decision-making process as non-aesthetic attributes and that aesthetic attributes deliver as much utility as non-aesthetic attributes in driving job choice,” they write.

For human resources managers, the study suggests emphasising office aesthetics in job offers not only for employees who work full-time on-site, but also for those whose role includes some time working remotely.

What makes good office aesthetics?

While aesthetics is subjective, many of the core features of our serviced offices in London, Manchester and Telford have been designed with aesthetics in mind.

This includes bright, open spaces with plenty of natural light and outdoor views, as well as ergonomically designed office furniture by well-known designer brands.

Light and colour deliver plenty of visual impact, without creating a distraction from the work itself, and our meeting rooms for hire on-site are equally bright and airy.

Combined with comfortably furnished breakout spaces and contemporary hot-desking facilities, this all adds up to a workplace where the top talent can feel happy over the long term.

Want to take a look?

We’re proud of all of our serviced offices in London, Telford and Manchester, including our newest locations, Millharbour Court Business Centre in Canary Wharf and St James House serviced offices in Telford.

You can find more information about each of our premises on our website, with plenty of photos and virtual tours to help you decide where to locate your business, and you can add your own colour scheme when you move in if you wish.

We’ve even added 360-degree views of our interiors to Google Maps, so your job applicants can see the bright and spacious offices they will be working from when deciding to accept your offer.

If you would like to arrange an in-person tour of any of our facilities, or you want to ask us anything about our serviced offices and meeting rooms in Manchester, Telford and London, please fill in our contact form, email info@servicedofficecompany.co.uk or call us on 0207 510 9400 – all enquiries are very welcome.

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