With stunning serviced offices for rent in Telford, Manchester and London, what features make SOC’s rooms the best serviced office suites around?

In our opinion, too many providers think serviced office space is just that – empty space for tenants to furnish and fit out from scratch.

Serviced Office Company’s suites are different. We welcome personal touches and will try to accommodate requests, but we’ve worked hard to give tenants everything they need to be productive from day one.

Unbranded interiors

When we say ‘personal touches’ we include the option to add your own branding to your serviced office interiors.

Our office suites are designed to provide an aesthetically pleasing, but ultimately neutral canvas. You can move in as-is with no problem at all, but if you want to add some colour in your business’s brand identity, you’re more than welcome to do so.

There are some brand names in our offices – those on the labels of our designer office furniture. Herman Miller, Sense Desking and Mirra Chairs are among the household names you’ll find waiting for you the day you take occupancy of your office space.

No hidden costs

Another misguided belief by some providers of serviced office space is that everything other than the space itself is an added extra, to be charged per use.

SOC provide serviced office suites with no extra charges or hidden fees. What you see on our website list of features and benefits is what you get, all included in your rent.

The exception to this is our meeting rooms for hire on-site. But because you only pay for those when you need them, your costs will still be lower than the expense of renting a meeting room all year round, only to have it stand empty for most of the time.

We believe this transparency on pricing is an essential addition to what makes the best serviced office suites – after all, positive return on investment is what your business is all about.


Finally, it’s essential for the best serviced office suites to be as environmentally friendly as possible, and we have worked to include the kinds of features that ensure our buildings are eco-aware.

Climate controls, recycling facilities, water saving devices and highly efficient heating & cooling systems all help to make certain that this is the case.

To save energy, we have motion sensitive automatic light switches, and to encourage clean transport on the daily commute, we make sure to provide on-site bicycle racks.

Any questions?

The features mentioned above are not an exhaustive list of what you get in an SOC serviced office suite – not even close, in fact, which is another reason why we believe we provide some of the very best serviced offices in Telford, London and Manchester.

If you have any questions about any of our locations or services, and you can’t find the answer on our website, please contact us directly as your call or email will be very welcome.

Emails can be sent to info@servicedofficecompany.co.uk and general telephone enquiries can be made on 0800 319 6600 no matter which of our serviced office locations you want to ask about.

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