Hotdesking facilities are a common part of the serviced offices mix these days, and the Serviced Office Company’s buildings are no different, offering a blend of serviced offices, meeting rooms, virtual offices and hotdesking.

So how does hotdesking help? A recently published study in the International Journal of Business and Administrative Studies looked at the impact of hotdesking facilities on employees’ productivity, as well as on their quality of life.

In their introduction, the researchers explain: “The advancements in digitalisation have sparked [changes in] the way traditional work takes place. The COVID-19 pandemic has also prompted a drastic change for modification of the usual work setting.

“These give rise to remote working, also known as teleworking, hotdesking, work-from-home, hotelling and a flexible work plan through which a worker achieves their tasks in a place remote from the customary office.”

A definition of hotdesking

Hotdesking in its purest form simply means that a desk or workstation is not assigned to a specific individual. Within an office, this may mean that the same computer is used by different personnel on different days.

Some hotdesking facilities can be hired on an ad hoc basis, allowing people who normally work from home to use a more formal office space as and when they need it, with no long-term commitment.

In this research, the team looked at hotdesking as part of an overall remote working mix: employees who work some of the time from home, but also spend some time in the office working from a computer that is not permanently or solely assigned to them.

Hotdesking productivity and quality of life

In the immediate aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, many organisations are still embracing a degree of remote working, in order to avoid a densely occupied workplace with all personnel in close proximity at the same time.

Hotdesking facilities enable the flexibility to have personnel spending some time at home or elsewhere, and some time in the office. This can also be achieved through hotelling – similar to hotdesking, but with individuals allocated in advance to a specific seat or workstation.

As part of this broader remote working mix, the research found an increase in productivity for those employees who were able to spend some of their time working outside of the office. At the same time, there was no measurable negative effect on quality of life.

The researchers conclude: “Based on a quantitative analysis, it can be concluded that remote working has a vital role to play in the employees’ productivity and work-life balance. The majority of employees agreed that remote working has increased their chances of accomplishing their respective tasks.”

Finding the balance

According to the research, personnel who work from home are able to complete their duties more often, and some studies have found that greater autonomy allows individuals to feel better about their work-life balance, especially among female employees.

The study ends: “Numerous findings from the literature supported the positive impact of remote work on employee productivity. Meanwhile, the majority of the studies also demonstrated no significant relationship between remote working and work-life balance.”

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