We all know that sitting in one place for eight hours a day is not a good way to keep active, which is why our serviced offices in Manchester, Telford and London have several features that help you and your employees to stay active.

It doesn’t take a lot to reduce sedentary time and unleash a whole host of benefits. The SMART Work and Life programme offered by the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust encourages small and simple changes in workplace activity to reduce time spent sitting.

By cutting sitting time by one hour, the SMART programme can achieve:

  • 33% of staff less stressed
  • 50% of staff less back and neck pain
  • 58% of staff less fatigued
  • 53% of staff more engaged
  • 66% of staff more productive
  • 71% of staff more focused
  • 87% of staff more energised
  • 65% of staff improved quality of life

Ultimately this is all done by encouraging employees to stand up and walk around more often – including productive time, such as standing-up meetings and standing phone calls.

How to Cut Sitting Time in the Office

Research to test the SMART programme included 756 workers from offices in Manchester, Liverpool and Leicester.

Through simple interventions such as tracking time spent sitting and actively encouraging standing, participants reduced their time spent sat at their desks by an average of 22 minutes per day.

By introducing adjustable height desks, this could be increased to over an hour on average – but even without doing this, the workers reported feeling more focused, energised and productive, and less stressed.

Keeping Active in Serviced Offices

Our serviced offices in Manchester, London and Telford have been designed to allow employees to move around, with spaces suitable for standing as well as a variety of seating areas:

  • Kitchen facilities for informal standing meetings
  • Meeting rooms for hire to enable movement of staff
  • Comfortable breakout rooms for relaxation and change of posture
  • Open-plan layouts to facilitate face-to-face collaboration
  • Good access to local amenities to encourage active breaks

In addition to all of this, we encourage walking and cycling to work, with on-site bicycle racks for secure parking and washroom facilities to clean up on arrival, ready for the working day.

All of this together means your workforce has plenty of places to spend a few minutes standing or moving around, without compromising on productivity – and reaping the benefits in physical fitness and state of mind as a result.

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