One of the lasting effects of lockdown has been the proof that flexible working models are feasible for many more companies than may have been thought prior to the pandemic.

As the UK economy has opened back up, demand has grown quickly for serviced offices, virtual offices and hot desking facilities, driven by workforces keen to retain a hybrid working model.

This is good news for employers, as embracing this trend can help to keep employees happy and productive, while cutting the costs of fixed office space.

Serviced Office Company’s facilities cater for all of these modes of working – allowing you to embrace a fully flexible and hybrid workforce in the post-pandemic era.

Serviced offices for flexible working

It’s in our name, and with good reason. Serviced office space has been used for years by new start-ups, fast-growing SMEs and large businesses setting up new branch offices.

So it’s no surprise that serviced offices have been in demand among companies adapting to the flexible working model.

In fact the two go hand in hand, giving you versatile office space and just as much capacity as you need to accommodate your workforce – without spending on unused desks and workstations for personnel who are now largely working from a remote location.

Virtual offices for hybrid workers

If you’re not familiar with virtual offices, they give you access to our physical addresses and contact details, without you occupying any physical office space.

You – and your workforce – can work wherever you want, with our postal address and telephone numbers on your letterheads and email signatures.

When you receive a phone call or mail to one of our serviced offices, we’ll forward it on to you, allowing you to operate (or appear to do so) from prime locations in Telford, Manchester and London without facing a daily commute.

And if you’re creating a hybrid workforce, our virtual office services are ideal for your personnel who work remotely, coupled with fully serviced office space for those working on-site.

Hot desking for mixed-mode working

When you need some top-up capacity, for example if you have a higher number of employees working on-site during a training day or ahead of a major deadline, we provide hot desking facilities in London, Manchester and Telford.

Just book the workstations you need for the number of additional personnel coming into the office, and you’re all set.

Hot desking facilities are also available on an ad hoc basis for individuals, such as freelancers who might be looking for a professional office environment to work from for any length of time.

Contact us today

Whether you’re an individual looking for virtual office or hot desking facilities, or a business adapting to a flexible hybrid workforce, we have the services to suit you.

Our recently opened serviced offices in Telford and hot desking facilities in London are just part of our ongoing commitment to cater for growing demand from British businesses.

To find out more or to enquire about serviced offices and virtual offices near you, call us or email us today and we’ll be happy to help you find the flexible workspace you need.

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