When you need a professional environment to work from for the day, hot desking is the solution. Access to high-quality co-working spaces with all the facilities you need, without committing to a long-term office lease.

It’s a great way for freelancers and entrepreneurs to dip your toe into the waters of serviced office space, to meet like-minded professionals in a comfortable setting, and to gain access to a workplace that shuts out distractions and enhances productivity.

Serviced Office Company’s top-quality hot desking spaces are fitted out with designer furniture, high-speed internet access, telecoms capabilities and shared kitchen facilities, giving you everything you need to work comfortably throughout the day.

What is hot desking?

Hot desking as a concept has been around since the 1980s and one of the first uses of the term was in Godfrey Golzen’s 1991 Sunday Times article “Cut The Office In Half Without Tears”.

It refers to the practice of working without a permanently allocated workspace. Instead, workstations are booked on a first come, first served basis, allowing individuals to reserve a workplace only when one is needed.

The name is thought to come from the military practice of ‘hot racking’ or ‘hot bunking’ in which beds are not assigned to specific personnel, but anyone can sleep anywhere during their rest time.

How does hot desking work?

Hot desking is quite straightforward. When you need a place to work from, just book one of our co-working spaces and we’ll be ready to welcome you.

We provide non-BT telecoms, high-speed broadband and corporate-grade IT systems, with full access to our tech support desk if you have any problems getting up and running.

If you need some private space, we also have meeting rooms for hire on-site, so you can meet clients and investors in professional surroundings.

Just check meeting room availability on the app and book a room at competitive rates, and we’ll make sure it’s ready for you at the requested time.

Does hot desking improve productivity?

It really depends on what you’re looking for. If you normally work from home, hot desking can help you avoid distractions like building work or children home for the school holidays.

Equally if you don’t have any permanent office space, it’s usually very quick and easy to work from a hot desking space – that’s what they’re designed for.

While there may be other people sharing the co-working space, Serviced Office Company’s premises are designed to provide you with pods, breakout rooms and outdoor areas, so you’re not confined to your desk all day.

Does hot desking really work?

It really does! We’ve seen time and time again that individuals and entrepreneurs who were struggling to keep up with work at home find our professional surroundings to be the perfect productivity boost.

You can use co-working spaces indefinitely or treat it as a temporary springboard towards renting some serviced office space of your own. We’re here for you either way.

How to manage hot desking

We make it as easy as possible to manage hot desking bookings and related services e.g. to book a meeting room via our app.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch and we’ll have you hot desking before you know it!

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