It’s a general rule that the larger the floor space of your office, the more it costs to heat and cool it, and to run the other utilities like lights and electricity. Because of this, at times when energy prices are high, greater flexibility can help you to tackle your running costs.

That’s where the Serviced Office Company comes in. With hot desking facilities, virtual offices and meeting rooms for hire, we can bring down your energy bills while still giving you the space you need to conduct your business.

All of this is in addition to the natural scalability of serviced offices, which allow small businesses and new startups to take only as much space as you need, and to expand later as your business – and your needs – begin to grow.

Hot Desking

Hot desking is perfect if you only need a single workstation, or for a small number of employees to work together from a hot desking or co-working space.

You get access to professional facilities, including high-speed internet access and telecoms equipment, in a comfortable but work-oriented environment.

In Serviced Office Company hot desking areas, everything is included in the price. There are no additional overheads – so you don’t need to worry about energy bills.

Work from your preferred hot desking location every day, or split your time working remotely or from home. It’s up to you.

Virtual Offices

remove the overheads completely – in every sense of the word. If you can run your business remotely, a virtual office is an excellent way to cut premises costs and avoid business energy bills.

Instead of having physical office space and associated running costs, you pay a fee to use a Serviced Office Company location’s physical address and telephone answering service.

You can do your actual work from home, or any other location of your choosing, and if you need some physical space at a location that matches your business contact details, we have meeting rooms for hire on-site.

Meeting Rooms

On the subject of meeting room hire, whether you work remotely or have serviced offices at one of our locations, you can save on overheads by booking meeting rooms only when you need them.

This allows all of the occupants of our buildings to share meeting rooms, with availability visible via an app whenever you need to book a room.

Rooms are left standing empty for less of the time, and no single tenant is responsible for the energy bills associated with the meeting rooms – cutting your costs and your carbon footprint at the same time.

Make the Change

With energy bills sky-high and government support focused on domestic customers rather than businesses, it’s a good time to make the change to a more flexible, cost-effective business model.

There are plenty of ways to do this: work remotely via a virtual office, take up the opportunity of hot desking facilities, and book a meeting room only when you need one.

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