There’s no big secret to knowing how to find an office space, but there are some ways to make sure you choose an office space that’s right for you.

In this guide we’ll look at how to choose an office space that gives you the tools you need to prosper, in the right location, and with room to grow.

1. Think about size

Consider the current size of your business and how many desks or workstations you’ll need. Then think about future growth – do you want some space for expansion immediately, or is this something you’ll need down the line?

Serviced offices are a great option if you’re not sure, as they offer you the flexibility to take more space as and when you need it (subject to availability) and/or to use virtual offices to allow more employees to work remotely.

2. Think about talent

If you haven’t yet settled on a specific location, thinking about talent can be a fantastic way to find an office space in the right place.

Unless you’re a sole trader, you’re going to need to hire employees – so if there’s nothing else tying your business to one place, it might make sense to go where the talent can be found.

3. Think about access

Actually accessing your premises is another handy steer to use when deciding how to choose an office space. Access includes both getting to and from the building, and getting inside once you’re there.

Serviced Office Company premises are accessible 24/7 so you’re not limited to working standard office hours, and there are plenty of public transport, walking and cycling routes to get there without needing to drive.

4. Think about services

We’ve mentioned serviced offices a few times already, and if you’re just starting up, they’re a good way to get everything you need without any upfront costs.

Knowing how to find an office space to fit out yourself is a bit more challenging, but there are commercial real estate companies who can help you. If you don’t want to go through the extra cost and admin, serviced office spaces are probably your best option.

5. Think about facilities

At some point you’re likely to need kitchen facilities, meeting rooms and conference facilities, along with high-speed broadband and reliable telecoms.

Again, serviced offices give you a list of essential facilities on the day you move in, and Serviced Office Company premises offer you the support of our technical helpdesk so you’re not left to deal with any ICT issues that arise.

Honourable mentions

This list could go on and on. Some other factors you might want to take into account include:

  • Local places to eat and drink
  • Office space that reflects your brand
  • Ability to visit/tour premises beforehand


With nearby access to bars, restaurants and supermarkets, plus kitchen facilities on-site, you don’t have to go hungry when you work from a Serviced Office Company location.

All of our premises can be toured in person – just contact us to book a convenient time – and we welcome you to add your own colours, logos and other branding once you move in.

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