A feature of serviced offices that is often overlooked is the potential for community networking with like-minded entrepreneurs from your local area, allowing you to build your professional connections organically over time.

In this guide to networking in serviced offices, we’ll look at some of the ways you can meet new people and connect with other organisations in your building, to help you take your own business to new heights.

Serviced Offices Networking Guide: An Introduction

It might not seem obvious that serviced offices allow you to network with other businesses, especially if your office has its own four walls, but when you work from serviced office space, you become part of a community of entrepreneurs.

This enables community networking – and in many cases, you’re all in a similar position, whether that’s starting up a new business, branching out from sole trading for the first time, or establishing a new branch office in a new location.

In this networking guide, we’ll look at how serviced offices can help entrepreneurs at every stage, helping you to establish your voice in your local business community.

Guide to Networking in Serviced Offices

So, once you’ve moved into your serviced office space, how do you start networking with others around you?

First of all, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to your nearest neighbours. Don’t impose yourself if they’re busy, but a polite introduction can let them know that you’re open to networking opportunities and casual conversations alike.

Make good use of communal areas like kitchen facilities and chillout rooms. These are naturally less formal spaces, where you can introduce yourself in a relaxed atmosphere.

You could even ask if there’s anywhere good to get lunch or snacks – you never know if this will develop into an impromptu business lunch with a fellow serviced office space user.

Community Networking as an Individual

Community networking is even more valuable if you’re a sole trader, as you might not have anyone working around you on a typical day.

Serviced Office Company’s serviced offices in Telford, Manchester and London also offer hotdesking and coworking spaces, where you can meet fellow lone entrepreneurs on an ad hoc basis.

If you feel like your career is being held back by being a lone wolf, working from our hotdesking facilities in London, Telford and Manchester is a fantastic way to retain your independence, while also working in a professional setting with like-minded individuals.

Getting Started

It’s easy to get started – just book your coworking space or serviced office, and start saying hello to the people you meet on-site.

If you’d like to know more about any of our facilities, from hotdesking to private office space, get in touch with Serviced Office Company today. We love chatting about our fantastic premises (especially our recently refurbished serviced offices in Telford, our biggest site yet).

We can also arrange a tour so you can see everything in person, and get more of an idea of the great sense of community waiting for you in our serviced offices in Manchester, Telford and London – so give us a call or tap the ‘Arrange A Tour’ button to get started!

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