We love office gadgets and especially ones that are original! Let me introduce you to the desktop jellyfish aquarium. This nifty ornament holds 7 gallons of water and has a filtration system to provide a home for up to 5 jellyfish. Accompanied with lighting, this mini circular tank which is sized 17”height x 15”width x 8”length can be perched on your desk and offers small moon jellyfish and food supply too. Jellyfish are low maintenance and require feeding once a day but can go without food for a few days. Just make sure you feed them a big meal before you leave the office on a Friday! Jellyfish Art ships all dry products to the UK and additionally has European suppliers for jellyfish orders. Prices start from £180:11 (excluding shipping) for the desktop tank and go up to £448:08 for desktop jellyfish tank, large moon jellyfish, food supply, red leg hermit crab, cleaner snails and much, much more!

Desktop Jellyfish Aquarium

Office gadget of the month: Facebook Like Mugs

Like your tea or coffee? Love Facebook? Demonstrate your love for a cuppa in the mid-morning break with these quirky Facebook ‘Like’ inspired mugs. Great for the office or a gift it’s a top story worth pinning for your reference!! Priced at £5:95 you would be a mug for not getting one!

Facebook Like Mugs

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